Recently, LinkedIn revealed their plans for an initial public offering. The self-described “world’s largest professional network on the Internet”, reports that its revenue doubled in the first nine months of 2010. While most businesses have already established their presence on LinkedIn with a company page, now is an interesting time to address a few ways to use apps and features to more fully integrate and maximize your company’s LinkedIn efforts.

Link Twitter account with LinkedIn. You are likely to experience more interaction from tweets that are being republished on LinkedIn. Also, if your social media strategy does not include LinkedIn efforts, this is a simple way to get the attention of your LinkedIn contacts without having to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn.

WordPress’s LinkedIn app. Using the WordPress app, posts on your blog will appear on your company’s profile. This is a great way to boost traffic and gives visitors one more way to learn more about your company.

LinkedIn’s Products & Services feature. The tab appears to the right of the overview and careers tabs, a primetime location where businesses can showcase their products and services. Now, customers and clients can also recommend your products, with each recommendation being visible to all of their connections.

SlideShare’s Presentations app. Share presentations and webinar/conference talks with your LinkedIn network. If you already have a SlideShare account, you can simply import existing presentations. You can also link your Facebook account. And by syncing your LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Facebook accounts, you can upload to any one of these and it will post to all three.

WordPress LinkedIn app
SlideShare’s LinkedIn app
Products & Services feature, Announcement on LinkedIn’s blog