For business owners the printing room can be a cave of unproductivity: the place where colleagues meet up for a quick chat between paper changes or an extended coffee break. Having a printer room means employees are likely to take a little longer than is really necessary to pick their documents up. You do, however, need to ensure that wherever you decide to stash your printers and photocopiers, it is easily accessible for whoever needs to use it and that there is minimal energy wastage, for employees walking about.

The advent of the multifunctional machine that allows people to get the functionality of a scanner, printer and copier in one, taking up less space and offering more efficient services. It is also a great deal cheaper to replace your three archaic machines with something newer and more efficient and some business owners create mini work stations in the main office space with a machine for each department. This is good idea because firstly it means that people are not walking very far to begin with. Not having a room for discreet conversation means that people are less likely to engage in chit-chat, especially not in an open-plan environment and get on with what they have to do.

Placing your printers and photocopiers in the office also means that staff members are less likely to use your equipment for personal things and you will save more paper and ink by putting the equipment in areas that are accessible to everyone. Some companies institute a rule that more than one person may not congregate around the machine during work time, as a means to dissuade people from wasting time and company resources.

If you must have a room because you can only put a certain amount of equipment in it glass doors or big windows will make employees less likely to loiter longer. You can also introduce rules like no teas or coffees to be brought in and make a company policy that people may not make use of your equipment for personal use.

As companies are under more pressure to make profits and reduce their running costs and overheads, every little bit that is saved can make a contribution to the bigger picture. Employees who are made aware of time wastage and misuse of company resources are more likely to be diligent in other areas and pay more attention to the contributions they make.

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