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The hyper-competitive Hollywood landscape is a fusion of business and artistry, an industry dedicated to producing quality advancements to the art of cinema. It’s populated by monolithic studios and production companies competing, collaborating, and ultimately creating the premier source of visual entertainment in America. The vast majority of the market players have embraced the instantaneous communicative capabilities of social media, and are utilizing it to increase online awareness of their projects.

Setting the Stage

Today, we’re highlighting a motion picture industry mainstay whose social properties are ready to rocket to the next level of online prosperity. It’s Working Title Films, a production company with a stellar body of cinematic work that has managed to leave an indelible mark on both audiences and pop culture.

Formed in 1983, Working Title Films is one of the industry’s premier film production companies. It’s responsible for over 100 films that have grossed in excess of six billion dollars at the box office and accrued 10 Academy Awards and countless prestigious honors from top-tier film festivals. Its recent films include Rush, Les Misérable, At World’s End, and Anna Karenina. It’s the ability to draw from this extensive body of work that will allow the company to blast off into a new realm of social success.

While Working Title’s movies continue to appeal to audiences and critics alike, its social media presence is primed for takeoff. Traditionally, film marketing campaigns have involved the extensive utilization of public displays and radio/ television advertisements for promotional purposes. Social media’s numerous communicative benefits are advantageous because they permit the dissemination of dynamic content that a static billboard image or contained 30-second TV spot could never manage to convey. Movie studios and production companies can harness social properties to implement comprehensive digital campaigns that engage audiences and increase the online visibility of their upcoming film releases.

Here’s our overview of Working Title’s social media presence.

The Opening Act: Initial Assessment

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Working Title currently possesses accounts with Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook contains 3,787 members, while their verified Twitter page has accrued 1,300 followers.

The information being published on both accounts is virtually identical.

Take Two: Online Content and Brand Voice

working title 3Working Title’s content is film-focused, primarily featuring behind-the-scenes information, film trailers, articles, and announcements. Most of the posts are image-rich, which immensely enhances their overall visual appeal. Their effective incorporation of hashtags enables them to reach additional online audiences on both platforms.

Recently, they’ve been highlighting the 10-year anniversary of Love Actually with posts accompanied by imagery from the film. Audiences have also been promised behind-the-scenes glimpses into the shooting process of Theory of Everything, a film examining the relationship between illustrious physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.

Working Title’s overall online tone is characterized by equal parts amiability and enthusiasm, two ideal traits for highlighting and discussing current and upcoming movie projects. Occasionally they’ll directly quote famous lines and phrases from their films as well.

Ultimately, Working Title’s social properties contain compelling posts that enables them to engross audiences, foster brand loyalty, and increase online visibility for their films and programming. Crafting quality content is the first step towards social media domination, and with that foundation already in place, their potential is off the charts.

Breakout Strategies to Fulfill Unlimited Potential

  • Compose platform-specific content to further engage online audiences and present them with a compelling reason to follow them on multiple social properties.
  • Consider venturing into the Google+ and Pinterest realms to secure a larger portion of the online pie. They already contain an image-heavy presence, and some of those visual resources could be effectively applied to the photo-based social properties.
  • Optimize all their social posts and “About Me” sections.
  • Receive increased online visibility and qualified traffic with the effective implementation of comprehensive paid advertising campaigns.
  • Develop widgets that tie into films and promotional campaigns.
  • Begin conducting conversation marketing efforts to drive engagement with online audiences.

That’s a Wrap!

Working Title Films already possesses a solid social media foundation, but with the proper application of additional digital marketing strategies, it has the potential to elevate its online user engagement to new heights. As a production company that has enjoyed immense critical and commercial success, there is no reason why they shouldn’t experience similar results in the digital realm.

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