Maximize your morning routine Ace Concierge LLC

If you’re like me, you probably start your day with a morning routine. Routines help build positive habits, support priorities, create structure, amplify your time and increase your productivity. Plus, you have the opportunity to set the mojo for the day.

Probably the most important period of your day is when you first wake up. Your morning routine can set you up for massive success the whole day. Matthew Toren

These are essential productivity components whether you operate your own business, support others with theirs, have a career, a family, or even a guinea pig. A morning routine will help you kick ass all day long.

Stuff needs to get done. Put away. Managed. Started. Finished.

There’s plenty of verbs for all of this but you get the idea!!

That being said, do all of your typical morning routines strengthen daily positive productive habits?

Sometimes, not so much.

You may hit snooze (several hundred times), get sucked into social media, the abyss of checking your inbox, the dreaded remote control or perhaps even a tempting starchy bagel. Truthfully, I’m not sure which is worse but either way, most are not only a distracting waste of time but studies say these types of morning activities are not the most prolific, thought-provoking methods to ACTIVATE your day.

First off, set your intentions. Goals. Priorities. If you don’t have any direction, how will you direct your day?

A plan is key to reducing chaos, eliminating overwhelm, being on time and getting more done. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter whether you go old school with a pen and paper or more digital with a Google Doc, an app or some other online tool/platform that you will COMMIT to.

This is nothing new. You’ve read it before but maybe now you’d like to SPRING into action. It is March. So March on to the new you.

Break it down and simplify your priorities:

Personal & Business

  1. Think about what you value most
  2. What will your morning routine look like to you?
  3. How do you best start your day?
  4. What invigorates you – inspires you to be your best/do your best?
  5. What NEW habits should you bring into your life?
    • What old habits should you kiss goodbye?
  6. What/who should you make more time for?

Healthy routines impart a healthy mind, body, and spirit. A whole healthy you generates a more vibrant and industrious day. [GREAT GOAL]

Think of your morning routine as the tool to achieve optimal workday performance. Fuel and nourish your race car if, and only if, you want to win.

Morning Routine Key Principles

  • Prepare: design your motivational morning routine
  • Time block: actually block off time for specific tasks and HOLD to it. Example: 5-6:30 am gym
  • Boycott technology: tune out and turn off distractions and notifications. Facebook, Twitter, and other social posts will still be there after your “self-deposits”
    • TIP: Leave your Smartphone on the other side of the room. Don’t grab for it unless you’re turning off the alarm to jump out of bed. [DIGITAL DETOX]
  • Be present – in THIS moment Multi-tasking is not allowed
  • Self-nourishment: If you sacrifice your health and wellness, there is no business. YOU are a priority. Do it for yourself, friends, family, loved ones, and your company
    • Food: science-based evidence clearly demonstrates that foods are medicine. Give your body what it needs to support and power your day
    • Meditation: focus, quiet the mind, practice being present and mind FULL
    • Exercise: being fit isn’t a fad. It keeps you healthier, reduces or eliminates pain, enhances your life, keeps you younger, strengthens your heart and lungs, battles disease and helps to sustain mobility….. just to name a few benefits
  • Goals: write them down!! Keep your goals/plan visible. Be accountable and share it with your friends and family. Your dog might have interest too
  • Action: take daily actions to get you closer to your goals
    • Ask yourself: does “this” support my vision?
    • Will it help me be better or do better?
    • Is it growth oriented?

Sound off: How does your morning routine IGNITE your day?