In my early years of entrepreneurial life two words were shared with me that made a very big difference for my business planning strategy and audience reach: “repurpose” and “leverage”.

As I began to read and self-educate using marketing materials, it became clear I needed to create multiple products and services for my business. The idea seemed close to impossible. Upon speaking to a business coach, I was advised to repurpose materials.

It was further explained that whichever vehicle comes first, the underlying themes should be a basis for further content. “Joan” advised, there is no sense re-inventing the wheel and further suggested I convert my initial offering to more in-depth levels as it expands.

A few years later, another business advisor suggested I develop a sales tip sheet as a gift to provide clients. His last sentence sent the wheels in motion: “Develop 10 tips and for each one develop another 10 tips – you will easily derive a total of 100 tips for your clientele.”

From that point forward, I was able to successfully repurpose and leverage everything, at a minimum, to the exponential power of 10.

When your small business offers one service – you have one clientele.
When you offer a combination of products and services, you begin to witness a crossover between services.

For example, if you recommend your ebook to friends and colleagues, the result may invite requests for training and speaking at conferences. Your ebook, training, and speaking engagements may then become the basis for an internet radio show, a blog and social media presenece.

You can see by utilizing these principles, you quickly grow your reach and your business.

With the growth of social media and the new modality of collaboration, you are able to far exceed the power of 10 growing the numbers into literally reaching millions. Should you decide to present an event with colleagues, and promote to your followings on multiple sites, your personal brand and business grow like never before. This is why it is so important to spend a little time each day growing your following and acknowledging those who message or mention you.

My analogy for business is that it should resemble an umbrella. Your core business is the covering and moves down into the center of the umbrella becoming your handle. The streams of income, derived by services and products, resemble the spokes of the umbrella. The spokes intersect and support each other as well as the cover. Likewise, everything you implement must work in unison to support your core business.

In entrepreneurial terms, the consistency is your personal brand.

The continual process of building upon your foundation and feeding each stream begins to take on a life form of its own bringing about repeat business, referrals and testimonials, and making for a very Smooth Sale!