A recent article in Marketing Week claims ‘marketers must let agencies be creative’.  Top creatives and planners from UK agencies spoke of their concerns that creativity is being stifled due to the current working relationships between clients and agencies.

This isn’t just a case of agencies wanting to have more fun. There is strong business justification in allowing agencies to be more creative. The article highlights a study by IPA and Gunn Report, which analyzed 453 award winning campaigns. It found that those that contained a more creative focus were 12 times as efficient than those without. This looked at a variety of business metrics including market share, volume and value.


The article highlighted the advert ‘You know when you’ve been Tango’d’. The success of this campaign, a creative partner argued, is down to the fact that the agency was given free reins to be creative, to be playful and to have fun. When the creative is process is a little more relaxed, and well… creative, that tends to be when the most inventive, the most unique and the most successful ideas are formed.

Over the years, the focus on data, market research and brand positioning has grown. All of these are valuable stages within the campaign creation process, but not if the creative time is then squeezed as a result. And especially if the creative teams are not included within these initial stages. Dare’s chief strategic officer raised the issue that ‘creative agencies do not often get the time to get to grips with the real business problems of a brand because they are working too far downstream’.

In the digital world, there is a growing trend started by accessibility gurus to make all websites conform to the same rules and logic. This movement hugely limits creativity, making the web extremely dull and unimaginative. It also restricts the ability of brands to create memorable web experiences to really stand out from their competitors. Creativity is essential for success.

There is and will always be a balance needed between creativity, timings and the budget available. That’s part of the challenge of every project. The pot of money is never infinite, so the agency creative teams need to produce the best possible work in the allocated time that the budget allows.

The key for us here at Yoyo Design is working in such a way as to maximize that budget so you can get the best results from our creative teams.

This involves setting aside more time up front to give the creative teams the space they need to come up with the killer conceptual ideas that many projects crave. Also, if our team of designers and account directors are involved at an earlier stage, we can help ensure that creativity is at the forefront of your projects, and ultimately help build more successful marketing campaigns.

The article mentioned is featured in Marketing Week.