There’s a lot of buzz in social media circles about what to do with influencers once you find them. Whether a blogger, tweep or a YouTube star, these influencers offer you much more ACTION than you might guess.

“Traditionally,” we think of influencers in the social space as folks we want to reach out to to help spread our message. We continue today through exclusive blogger programs, targeted engagements on Twitter and Facebook, subscribing to our favorite YouTubers and so on.

But these activites can be time consuming and expensive. They’re very much worth it, but are there other ways we could leverage influence?

Yes, of course there are! Read on, my friends:

  • Identify influential bloggers.Wait, didn’t you cover that above? Yes, but this IS STEP #1 for any of the rest that follow.
    • The social engagement team can help you identify who might influential, in real time, or for thought-leadership within a given topic.
  • Identify hot keywords, phrases and themes.Bloggers talk. And they’re often on the front lines of trends, be they tech or pop-culture.
    • By gleaning blogs for jargon and other colloquialisms, we can refine our own messaging and search campaigns.
    • We can respond in-kind, in real time.
    • We can refine Google search targets, to identify like publications.
    • We can write better calls-to-action.
    • We can verify search terms.
  • Idenfity the water cooler. Where are folks going for all this hot content?
    • Are they commercial sites where we can buy ad placements or sponsorships?
    • Are they independent bloggers who are part of the Google Network? If so, we can ask Google to place EMC messaging on those blogs.
    • How can we use influential sources to help direct and optimize spend?

How are you making influence work for you? Share in comments below!