episode-200Persistence Pays Off

It’s been almost two years, two episodes per week and almost 100 podcast guest experts. That’s over 3000 minutes and over 50 hours of audio. That my friends, is a lot of content and a hell of a lot of work! Now, I am no John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire) or Scott Smith (The Daily Boost), who have hundreds, and even thousands of more episodes than I do (they do 7 days a week podcasts), but I have to say I am proud.

This has been a journey, not just a destination. What happens next is more of the same but hopefully better!

Why Start A Podcast?

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Some people are writers (my nickname is “Captain Typo”). I am a broadcaster. I opened and managed recording studios from 1979-1997 and then sold that and continued recording until 1999. I have never stopped being a performer, speaker, and narrator. My latest company wast started in 2001 and throughout the years I have been focused on audio and video. multimedia has always been in my blood.

In 2013 I went to a conference and saw a presentation by Scott Smith (Daily Boost Podcast) who talked about podcasting. It was like a Disney presentation and I was hooked. As far as podcasting goes I was late to the game but I never really left my roots and it was like getting on a bicycle as an adult! I spent the next year learning, studying and planning and in November 2014 my podcast was born.

P1000550I knew from the get-go that this podcast was not about me but my audience. I wanted to provide some awesome interviews with the best people (who would let a newbie) who wanted to share their expertise with a larger audience. My job was to find the experts and then find the audience! Most everyone was gracious and not caring how big my audience was, but paid attention to how big my heart was for them and the message.

This is and was my sweet spot. Talking with, interviewing, and getting the most out of their knowledge in the shortest period of time possible, while providing the best experience for my audience as possible.

What Have I Learned?

The main goal and purpose of starting the Bacon Podcast, was to record interviews with people who I wanted to learn from and let you and others listen in as if they were sitting next to us at a table in a coffee shop. It was semi-selfish, but I wanted to provide great content that people might actually want to pay for.. and give it to them for FREE!

Here is what I have learned over the last 200 episodes… and I hope to learn more from the next 200 or more…

  1. It’s Not About You – There are truly two kinds of podcasts… Ones that are all about self-promotion of the host(s), and those that really focus on the needs of the listeners. Now I am not against sponsors and trying to monetize a podcast, but I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for hour long infomercials week after week. I have been an interviewer and an interviewee (guest) on hundreds of podcasts. The worst are when the host asks a question, you answer it, and then they say “You know how I handle that and serve my clients?”. A host is there to promote their guests. and GREAT guests promote their host’s podcasts. If you don’t value your listeners time by providing great, useful and actionable content, then they won’t reward you by listening again!
  2. It’s Not About A Formula, It’s About Fascination – Some people have very successful podcasts by asking the same questions, in the same order, to every podcast guest. What I like to listen to are conversations. My favorite podcasts make me feel like I am sitting at a table next to two superstars who are having an in-depth conversation about issues or concepts that concern me. I would love to turn my chair around, and just listen intensively to what they have to say (without interrupting them). Then, I want to feel that if I had questions that I could ask them (even if I had to email them in after the conversation). Always create content that people would be willing to pay for!
  3. It’s About Giving Your Best, And Getting The Best Of Your Guests – As a podcast host I always get chills when I ask a question and the guest starts their response with “That’s a good question?”. It means I took them, and hopefully the listener, out of their comfort zone. We have all heard (especially politicians) who are asked a tough question, and they avoid that and start spewing talking points to skirt the question. What your listeners want are deep and insightful questions followed by deep and thoughtful answers. The internet and podcasts are filled with softballs, people want a 100 mile an hour fastball and a home run! Make yourself, your guests and your audience a little uncomfortable, but always over-deliver with great content!

Final Thoughts

Help and support signpostWhat I hope you learn from my journey is that just trying this is that is not a plan. In my book “The Bacon System” I talk about how to methodically use content creation to build an audience and your business. It takes a system, and a plan, and persistence. It does not mean you will get it right at first. My first month on the Bacon Podcast I had 111 listeners. This month on the 19th, I have 2300+ and counting and this is shaping up to be my best month ever. The big boys do 10’s of thousands or even millions a month, but that does not phase me as long as I keep growing my audience!

It’s not about where you start… but the journey. You never really finish till you quit. Just don’t quit too early!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments and maybe some other limiting beliefs you have overcome!