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Are you doing enough with your lead generation? Have you tried every tactic in the book, and still not seeing the results that you were hoping to have? Well, it’s not so much about how many different things you are doing to try and bring in leads. Instead, it’s about how much attention you pay to the one thing that could be making a difference. In this case, it’s your website.

What if we told you it’s possible to generate leads, solely by having a good website? If you’re looking to increase your lead generation, here’s why your website alone should be enough. And, if it’s not, what you could be doing so that it is.

It’s the First Thing People See

According to Smart Business Online, nearly 70% of the buying process happens before a prospect even makes contact with you. How? You guessed it, through your website. That’s a pretty high number if you ask us. If you can encourage the buying process just through your website before you even know who your leads are, then it’s clear that your website is doing alright. Think about that the next time you make updates to your site.

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Good SEO and Content Marketing is All You Need

People aren’t getting information how they used to. It’s now all done by a web search. If a lead is looking for a specific product, they don’t want to be given the runaround. They want to be taken directly to the site they are looking for; your site. Having good SEO and content marketing allows this to happen. They already know what they want, and they are coming to your site to complete the buying process. This is when you convert them. If those things are incorporated into your boomin’ site, then lead generation will be achieved with ease.

A Strong Landing Page and CTA Button is Automatic

Putting a lot of work into a strong landing page and call to action button will let the work do itself. The minute someone arrives on your website, they should be given plenty of opportunities to read up on what they are looking for, and take advantage of whatever it is you’re offering. Your website should be able to collect this prospect’s information, therefore, by just existing. That is of course if you continue to stay on top of your site’s features!

Your Content Should Sell Itself

Getting your company out there via content marketing on your website is like winning yourself a gold medal in the lead generation world. Your content should sell itself. When prospects come across your blog articles, Instagram shares, guest posts, or tweets, they should see you as an expert in your business…which you are, of course. Moreover, relevant content helps you become more well-known on search engines and also provides more ways for leads to find you.

lead generation, inbound leads, marketing, website

A Website is Extremely Easy to Analyze

With a little help from a software like Mission Suite, it becomes really easy to get a read up on how your website is doing. Whenever you can analyze your lead generation via your website, you can see what it needs help with and then make the changes accordingly. Get an idea of how long your prospects are spending on your website, and see how the conversion statistics are doing overall. You’ll be able to tell very quickly what’s doing well and what’s not.

Want to work on your inbound lead generation? Then pay more attention to your website and request a demo with Mission Suite. You’ll be surprised how much a little more work into your website can result in less work for you, and ultimately more leads.