Lady_Gaga_-_The_Born_This_Way_BallLady Gaga was on her “Born This Way Ball” tour but the rest of it has officially been cancelled. The tour has been cancelled because she injured her hip. The injury was announced by LiveNation Global Touring today. Lady Gaga apparently suffered a tear in her right hip and it will require surgery and some time off to recover. She is said to have been suffering from inflammation of the joints, also known as synovitis. After surgery, she will be required to strictly have downtime.

The tour still had twenty-one dates of performances left on the tour that would have gone through March 20th. Fans are disappointed, but those who have paid for their tickets will get full refunds starting Thursday. Before the rest of the tour was cancelled, she had postponed four of the upcoming performances of the tour on Tuesday because she had been feeling pain on Monday during the performance in Montreal.

Lady Gaga really performs for her concerts and her performances include a lot of high energy dancing and she dances throughout every song, for the whole concert. Gaga has only made one tweet that admitted that she had tried to hide it so that she could continue to perform because she was afraid of disappointing her fans because her concerts are always very popular and her fans are always excited to see her live. She has not been on Twitter since she made that one tweet.

Lady Gaga’s tour last April for “Born This Way” was one of the highest grossing of 2012 and made more than $161 million. The attendance for last year’s tour was more than 31,000 people. Lady Gaga is even more popular than she was this year, so this year was most likely very successful despite having to cut it short.