How focused have you been today?

First, before we go any further, do you have a really clear vision for what you want?

Let’s say you have that covered. Then, so far today how many actions, thoughts and forward steps have you made on this vision?

Seriously, take a few moments right now and write down the exact things you’ve done today. And not just the actions and things you’ve done, but also add up the amount of time you’ve spent on each one of those activities.

Did you get distracted way more than you imagined … for example, the way I just did while looking at a new analytic tool that in the end I realized we don’t need in our business. But, as I told myself …

“It has these really cool graphs … look how they animate, wow amazing, I can see the percentage of cat lovers who stay over 2 minutes on our site, a hidden market.”

But I caught myself. I had a feeling deep in my gut, like when I was 11 and a soccer ball knocked the wind out of me.

The Worst Part Is

Adam and I sat down last week and outlined our strategy for the next few months — the launch we want to do, the new webinars we want to focus on, the strategies we want to employ. We created our vision.

But today, here I am doing something that has no bearing whatsoever on that vision. I share this about myself because I’ve seen it in other people. And when I’ve seen it I’ve called them on it. After all, it’s one of the reasons they work with us, right? Well, we aren’t quite working together yet, but I’m calling you on it. We might not even know each other, but I’m pretty sure you’ve lost focus today.

So What Can You Do About It?

Have a vision. If you don’t have a vision then you have zero opportunity for any clear focus. I can’t emphasize how important this part is. Next …

Know the difference between opportunity and distraction.

We recently installed a chat application on It’s been nice but it’s also been distracting at times. Here’s the difference though …

Many people I’ve chatted with have asked questions we do not address at all on our sales site. While it distracted me (ultimately, this won’t be me as we are building a system for that), this provided tremendous insight into the pre-buy questions we aren’t answering. It also allows me to build a relationship with one of our potential members.

As a big believer in the 1,000 true fans theory, I think stuff like chatting and getting to know people is a great strategy to build towards that 1,000.

But if this were to go on too long it ultimately would become a distraction because in our business my value has to be placed in other areas. I bet it’s the same for you.

What Are Your Distractions and Opportunities?

What are the distractions and opportunities in your business or what you’re trying to achieve?

Also, have you thought about when an opportunity becomes a distraction?

I ask this because when you have a vision, the way you think you are going to get there is seldom the way you get there. You have to be open to opportunities to achieve your vision that are outside what you have ever considered.

But there’s a trap there…

The true question you have to answer honestly is this: Is what you think of as an opportunity really a distraction … or a guilty pleasure?

I’d also suggest that you read the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Businessby New York Times staff writer Charles Duhigg. It really breaks down how our habits form and, as the subtitle states: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

Learn your triggers, what things you do that start the cycle of distraction. Then stomp those out like your feet were on fire. I think it’s that simple.

I’ve come to believe this.

It’s the daily distractions that become habits. It’s the habits we form that kill our vision. It’s our lack of achieving our vision that makes us regret the things we did not achieve in our business and our lives.