Imagine your business receives a phone call, but you don’t know which marketing source it came from. Then the caller talked to the sales team, but you can’t tell for how long or what was said. And once the call is completed, you can’t track if that caller converted to revenue.

Call attribution software enables you to track callers from your digital marketing back to the exact source (channel, referring URL, keyword search, digital ad, and website session) that drove the call. It also provides marketers with valuable data around who the caller is and what happens on the call.

Check out some of the data call attribution software can capture when a call is made, during the call, and all the way through the sales cycle.

When the Call Is Made

Marketers who fail to capture data on incoming calls could be making a 49% ROI mistake. By only measuring online form fills you miss out on valuable call data essential to accurately optimizing your marketing campaigns.

What data is captured:

  • Marketing channel
  • Ad and referring URL
  • Search keywords
  • Webpages viewed
  • Who the caller is
  • Their phone number
  • Their geographic location
  • Their device, OS, and browser
  • Day and time of call

What you’ll learn:

  • How effective your marketing is at driving calls
  • What marketing sources drive the most callers
  • The most popular locations, days, and times for calls
  • How to optimize your marketing to drive more calls

During the Call

Your work doesn’t end once a call comes in. Businesses must create a seamless, personalized experience for the best chance to convert callers to revenue. To do that you need call attribution software that can also capture data during the call to help you understand and improve your callers’ experiences.

What data is captured:

  • Caller’s IVR interaction
  • How the call was routed
  • Call duration
  • Reason for the call: sales, support, other, spam
  • What was said on the call

What you’ll learn:

  • What marketing sources drive quality sales calls
  • If calls are converting and why
  • How effective sales agents are at converting calls
  • What messaging resonates with consumers
  • How to align messaging and keyword bids with words consumers use

Through the Sales Cycle

Can you tie callers to the revenue they generate for your business? If not, it’s difficult to accurately understand what’s working and what isn’t to drive sales and revenue. Call attribution software that integrates with your CRM system enables you to do this.

What data is captured:

  • If calls convert to sales opportunities and pipeline
  • If calls convert to customers and revenue

What you’ll learn:

  • The role calls play in the customer journey
  • Which marketing programs generate the most revenue
  • Where to invest your marketing budget for the best ROI

Learn more about the value of customer calls and how call attribution software works in our free eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Call Attribution.