Tell you what. Stalking is never a sign of defeat. Spying on your competitor’s website and their blog content may sound maliciously evil, but to watch out for their strengths will also give you inspiration on how you can improve yours.

In a competitive world, knowing your enemy is the number one rule in the art of war.

In stalking 101, you’ll need to take note of the following:

  1. Making use of the latest technology like FeedsAPI applications is a fabulous modern-day stalking technique that will do the stealth trick for you. Simply subscribe to them and bingo! You got yourself a front row seat to the contents your competitors have been offering to their customers with their full text RSS feed.
  2. Pay attention to how frequent they post a blog, and the time the blog was posted. More likely, your competition will post a blog during peak hours, or when the website is saturated with subscribers. This way, you’ll know the best time as well to reach your target audience.
  3. The Impact of the Blog. Make time in identifying how the impression of the blog’s content influenced the readers who made a comment on the post. If the competitor’s blog barely scratched the surface on the reader’s interests, then it will give you an idea that the appetite of the readers are looking for something else and you can avoid sharing the same approach in your website. Laos take note of the social media shares it got.
  4. Check the whole “ambience” of the website. Does your competitor use a lot of eye‐catching photos with their blogs? What about videos? Does this bring more re‐tweets, shares or mentions in the social media network? Find if these are the putting the climate of the website to the competitor’s favour, then you can develop yours.
  5. How a reader is addressed. Some of the readers like a personal, perky approach while some prefers a more formal and business‐like blog. This helps you identify the demographic of your target market.

Competition is healthy for business as it works both for the consumers and the entrepreneurs. As you work to outwit your competition by improving your blogs, the quality of your blogs will benefit the consumers the most.

Keeping a close eye on your rival is a process of warranting that you will be at the top the level of the food chain.

Point being, life is never constant, and getting a bit cocky with how well your website is doing today may somehow put your business at risk when your competition unexpectedly outsmarts you, and that possibility is always universal.

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