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If you’ve had a business success you’re probably riding a high. And congrats, because you deserve it! A lot of hard work goes into creating the success, and you want to maintain it. Don’t think that a win is a one and done victory. One success can bring another, and building on business momentum is a great way to expand your business overall.

Document And Share The Win

Did you receive an award? Did you get a mention in a national magazine? Have you beaten last quarters sales?

Document your win and share it on all your channels. Take pictures of you holding the plaque, or share the award ceremony as it happens on Snapchat or Instagram stories. You want to find a way to bring people into your success and make them feel like they’re a part of it.

Say Thank You

What do acceptance speeches have in common across industries? People thank other people. Grammy award winners thank their fans, actors thank their crew members, and almost everyone thanks their parents.

Saying thank you to the people who were an active part of your win keeps momentum going. Say you were featured on a tv show. Thanking the channel and the host on social media not only shares you win (see step one), but also gives them a chance to feel special and to share your post. If they share your post, you’ve successfully created business momentum and reached new audiences.

Saying thank you is also a good habit to be in. It’s an act of kindness and grace, and it attracts likeminded people your way. Get into the habit of saying thank you to people in your life and business!

Build Off of It

One success can easily lead to another. Let’s go back to the tv show example. If you were featured on a local channel, ask for a copy of the segment. You can use it to start a highlight reel for yourself that you can send to other tv stations. Use one bit of media to create other media opportunities for yourself.

In the same way, you can use the documentation you have as part of your quarterly or annual wrap up. If you were featured on tv in April and in a magazine in September, you have content for an end of year newsletter. Send out the content you’ve already created to your followers for an easy way to touch base with people.

Final Thoughts

Lots of hard work goes into getting your first win in business, and you want to maintain that business momentum. Celebrate it, document it, share it, and use it to create more wins for your company.