Pop singer, Katy Perry, and singer-songwriter John Mayer have decided to break off their relationship. They had had an on-again-off-again relationship and this is the second time that they had broken up. They started dating the summer of 2012, around six months after Katy Perry and her ex-husband, Russell Brand, filed for divorce. The couple broke up the firs time in August, and then got back together in September and they had seemed to be really happy again for awhile and were always seen together. They seemed to be getting more serious for awhile and John Mayer even did an interview in January where he gushed when talking about Katy. However, they hit a rough patch in March and Perry tweeting in frustration.

There are a lot of people who believe that it may not be completely over. They could always get back together again like they did in September. It has been said that they have remained friendly toward each other. There have been sources that stated that Katy Perry has said that she doesn’t want it to be over for good and that she wants to leave the window open.

Perry has been working a lot in the music studio in Los Angeles and making her third album. Mayer has had some intense vocal issues recently and even had throat surgery last year. Currently he is preparing for a tour coming up and he will also be having a live Google Hangout chat that will happen on March 21. So both of the singers are busy working on different things, so one possible reason for this breakup could be to give them time to focus on their separate careers.

Some people think that this could be it for the couple, while others are convinced that they will get together either soon or after they are less busy. Only time will tell.

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