With the economy in such a precarious condition right now, there are many people who find themselves unemployed. Being forced back into “the hunt” can be very unpleasant and stressful. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, you are going to have to deal with it, as do the rest of us. But don’t get too discouraged. There are a few things you can do that might make it into a more pleasant process and maybe even a little enjoyable. Recently Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D., wrote an article outlining tips for job hunters to reduce the stress of the job hunt. We’ll pinpoint a few of his suggestions in this article and discuss how you can apply them into your own job search.

Focus on the positive. You aren’t going to get offered a job with every company that you apply with. There are tons of people competing for the same job, so learn to accept it. You may have the skills and talents they are looking for, but your personality might not be a good fit. They may hire someone equally qualified just because of this factor. Luckily, there are usually several different routes you can pursue. Thus, make sure you prioritize your job search and apply to your top choices first and work your way down. Dr. Knaus says, “You are less likely to feel overwhelmed if you can choose what to do first, and then start doing it.” Pretty obvious, right?

Don’t forget that job hunting takes time. Most people want a job, and they want it now. This is not always the case, proven by the rate of people collecting unemployment right now. It usually takes consistent effort and work to find a job that fits your skill set and personality. Don’t let yourself get caught in the trap of thinking you are entitled to have a job just because you have a college degree and some experience. So do hundreds of other people. You need to make yourself stand out by being diligent and consistent in your job search efforts. Don’t  expect everyone to think you are the wonder boy(or girl) of the present generation. If you want it, you’re going to have to get creative and work for it.

Don’t play the blame game Sending out resume after resume can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t see a lot of positive results right away. After a few months, or even a few weeks, of this, you can start to feel cast down and hopeless about ever finding a job. This is actually a likely occurrence at some point of your career search. Thus, recognize now, before it happens, that everyone faces discouragement at some level. No one is to blame for you not getting a job—not yourself and not the employers. Some things just don’t work out, while others do. It will all work out in the end, and that’s what matters most.

There are some people that relish the job hunt, but for the most part people dread having to put themselves out there again. Just like breaking up with a significant other and having to jump back into the dating scene. But don’t sweat the job search. Yes, it will be difficult, but you’ll find something eventually. And as long as you are forced into searching for a job, you might as well have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to add a few unique things on your resume and in your interviews that will make you seem just a little bit more interesting to the prospective employer.

About the Author
Natalie Clive is a writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com. My Colleges and Careers provides tools to help people determine if distance education is right for them which online courses are available to help them fulfil their career goals.