Everywhere you go, please are talking about Jennifer Lawrence. This is especially true on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and also Tumblr. Lawrence became really well known after her performance as Katniss in The Hunger Games. She also stared in House at the End of the Street and a few others. The latest film that she stared in was Silver Linings Playbook. Her performance in the film won her Best Actress this past Sunday night at the Oscars. In fact, she has been doing very well this past award season. Everyone seems to love Jennifer Lawrence.

Why is that?

There are several different reasons why everyone loves the new “It” girl in Hollywood. She has so many memorable moments both on and off the screen. She is a great actress and has given fans many opportunities to make Gifs on Tumblr. The internet, which can be really cruel to people, especially celebrities, has been good for Lawrence and has brought her fans together.

Lawrence’s interviews with the press have also increased her likability. Even in interviews she is very down to earth and it is clear that she is the girl next door.

Fans also find it easy to relate to her because she is so down to earth. She seems to be a genuinely nice and happy person who a lot of people could see being friends with if they were to meet. She also has had a few embarrassing moments, the most recent being that she fell up the stairs when she went to accept her award. However, despite these moments, or maybe more so because of them, fans see her as someone normal, not just a celebrity.

Lawrence also has not gotten a big head being in the public eye. She is aware that some stars are involved with publicity stunts and stated that she gets uncomfortable when people on a high horse.

Jennifer Lawrence will continue to be in the public eye and everyone will be watching to see what she does next. Until then, she will continue to be all over Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and her fan base will most likely continue to grow.

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