If you ask an artist to paint a picture of a beach they’ve never been to, how good will the painting be? If you ask a sports writer to describe how the Security and Exchange Commission works, how accurate will that description be? You may not be a good whiteboard artist or a great storyteller, but it takes two to tango! You know your profession like no one else, so why wouldn’t you want to participate in telling your story the way it should be told? That’s why we ask our clients to join the TruScribe team to set their message free with a whiteboard animation that will not only look great but effectively get their message across.

Things That We Do Well

Yes, we’re artists and storytellers. This is what we do for a living. We know all of the tricks to transforming your story into compelling drawings on a whiteboard and making them come to life via whiteboard animation. We’re strong at:

  • Listening and understanding your message
  • Visualizing how to translate your message into images
  • Crafting a story that your audience can easily process
  • Bringing your whiteboard animation to life with video scribing
  • Leveraging Scribology to maximize delivery and retention of information
  • Packaging your video up so that you can publish and share it online anywhere, anytime

Things That You Do Well

This is your message. You know how to explain what you do to business partners, clients and the general public. You know what makes their eyes roll up when you make a Powerpoint presentation. You know the “sticking points” that often lead to confusion and lost sales. You know the hurdles that staffers need to leap to get managers on board and onward up the food chain. We need your help to:

  • Dissect your complex message into its most important parts
  • Visualize the flow of information and decision points
  • Identify the sticking points or barriers to understanding
  • Point out the foibles and misdirections that lead to calamity
  • Find the right analogy and storyline that will be compelling and memorable

Together we can make an incredible whiteboard animation that grabs your audience’s attention and helps them gain new insights. With our skills and your knowledge, we can deliver something outstanding.

You never know, we might even turn you into a whiteboard artist in your own right.