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Last year Google said that they had over 600 changes to their algorithm, each of which could have had a major impact on your website’s visibility. Mobile use has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. The concept of Micro-Moments has become a major strategic concept that dramatically changes how we engage and convert website visitors into customers. And, content marketing is having a huge impact on B2B, B2C, and virtually every other type of business model!

Have you stayed current?

These are just some of the major changes, in the last year or so, that require changes in your website. These changes may be technological, they may be content related, or they may mean a change in how you use your website.

The problem is, that most businesses view a website more like a building. You plan it, you build it, and now you’re done with it. But, because of the extreme changes that happen with technology and the internet, the focus on your website will never be done! At least not if you want it to supply you with the business goals that you had envisioned for it when you had it built.

Just look at the impact of mobile.

Last year Google announced that, for the first time, more search queries came from mobile devices than from desktop devices. Then, in April of last year, Google announced that they were going to start using mobile-friendliness as a search ranking signal.

If you had your website built before last year, and you haven’t been staying up on maintenance changes, these are just 2 examples of how your website is hurting your business.

Don’t Panic & Don’t Waste Money

Don’t panic! You may not have to go out and completely rebuild your website. If you had it built on a solid foundation, originally, there is a good possibility that you can have some maintenance done to it and get it back up to speed pretty quickly.

But don’t just do a wholesale change without knowing what needs to be changed. Any good digital agency can perform an audit of your site to find out what is going on under the hood and then come back to you with recommendations and options to bring everything up to speed.

Also, if there isn’t a problem with your site, technologically, ask your agency to perform some user testing on areas that were uncovered as liabilities, in their analysis. Sometimes creating some content or revising existing content can have a marked improvement on the performance, rankings, and most importantly conversions of a website.

It’s Never Done

In the end, it’s important to know that your web investment will never be done. Recognize that being online is an on-going investment that, if spent wisely, will pay dividends. If you don’t invest, it will be your biggest liability.