I wanted to try out my new Makayama iPad3 Movie Mount, so here is a vlog describing another In Real Life (IRL) adventure. In this case, I am taking it to the tennis courts to build a business relationship!

Use IRL meetings to discover common interests as a foundation for building business relationships

As you watch the following video, consider these questions and notes:

  • How are you adding value to your business relationships?
  • Are you moving past email and social media to meet people in real life?
  • Are you cultivating depth in business relationships by finding common interests?
  • Do you know your customer’s needs, or do you only know what you are selling?
  • For more about Return on Relationship, I invite you to read Ted Rubin’s content on the subject. He is both frank and knowledgeable.

By the way, that Makayama movie mount is outstanding. It provides a sturdy case for the iPad3, and it fits on a regular camera tripod for more granular control to focus on a target. It beats trying to find a fallen tree branch to prop up the iPad on these remote vlogs! My bluetooth microphones should arrive in a couple of days, so I may do a review on using both the Makayama movie mount and the microphones for vlogs. Let me know if you are interested.

*FYI, the movie mount hyperlink is not an affiliate link because I do not monetize this blog. This blog is intended to educate and engage with my online friends in order to build trust that may lead to doing business together.