Four Project Management Tools to Help Your Business Become More Efficient

Increase Your Business Efficiency with These 4 Tools

Today I have some project management tools to help you improve your business efficiency.

Your business can easily get off track when it comes to managing a full schedule with new clients and team members. By organizing your projects and improving your focus you can work on building instead just managing. There are helpful resources that can reduce your administrative time as well as improve communication. Do you need to make your time more productive? Take advantage of these project management tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Time tracking for you and your team – Kimai

Get your team to stay on schedule and on time. Kimai is free open-source software which allows you to track time spent on projects with customization of templates to fit your business. Organize by date, customer, project and action all from one simple dashboard. Since it is web-based you can install it as a single-user program or as a local workstation.

2) Manage projects in the cloud – ProjectLibre

If you are looking for a good replacement for your other online word processing platforms then you will love this great tool that will help keep everyone organized and on task. ProjectLibre is a planning, tracking, and collaboration platform for multi projects and multi users. Manage projects both in the cloud and from their open source software on your desktop.

3) Communication across organizations – Fleep

Get in touch with anyone in the world through online chat. Fleep is easy to use online tool, which can be used to discuss projects and get instant feedback. Since this is an open network you an communicate with any user on the system, which makes for better collaboration. Even though it is a messenger tool it can also be integrated into your email client.

4) Project management for designer and developers – Taiga

Enjoy a beautiful design while organizing your work flows. Taiga is free open-source platform geared specifically toward designers and developers who want to work with an aesthetically pleasing software that is robust and easy to use. The tool is fully customizable, and simple to execute with built-in agile technology.

Hopefully you will find these project management tools useful to your business productivity. Are there any that you would like to add as well?