10690979224_41b6562668Corporate sales training teaches representatives to speak to the simple client question, “Why should I care?” But the conversation is never that simple.

The real challenge is to first discover where the prospective client’s interests reside. Once that is known, the next step is to have the person confide the challenges they face every day. It’s during this discovery phase where the salesperson gains enough insight to be able to speak directly to why the client should care.


Social media makes the process more efficient. Assuming you have been in business for a while, and understand the needs and desires of your clientele, then you know what they care most about. The hot topics become the basis for developing desired content and in a variety of formats.

The reason to develop content specifically for a variety of formats is to reach multiple audiences with different learning styles. For example, you might write articles and books. Some of the subject matter will translate well into complementary videos and webinars. It may also be used to obtain interviews. Using a variety of venues becomes your power branding program that attracts a much wider audience.

Communication Style

With all communication styles, you have the choice of providing negative or positive thought. It is curious as to which type of headline is proven to be more effective. However, the most important aspect is to be consistent in how you communicate across all mediums. The style of negative or positive communication becomes associated with who you are, and accordingly will attract similar minded prospects.


The platforms on which you choose to participate also provide an opportunity to let your unique story be told in small snippets. One man advised job seeking women to not post their pictures or their full first name. Deception was encouraged to appear as a male in order to be called in for an interview.

Providing such advice goes against the grain of both consistency and integrity. Supposing the person is invited in for an interview, is the woman to dress as a man? The best anyone can do is to be their authentic self and to move forward with integrity. Doing so in all cases is what produces a respected personal brand.

Your Story

Come to terms with the type of audience you prefer. Are you wanting to find opportunity with those who are fearful and afraid of change? Or, is your desire to work with those who are open to unlimited possibility?

Once your have a firm commitment to your audience, you are then ready to develop the conversation, products and services that they desire.

Sales Tips:

  1. Determine your preferred type of prospective clientele
  2. Speak to your preferred clients’ vocabulary
  3. Learn the problems your audience faces
  4. Speak to issues faced either in negative or positive terms as clients prefer
  5. Find starting point to provide help
  6. Once starting point is well accepted, expand upon possibilities for growth
  7. Be consistent in communication across all platforms
  8. Review which headlines receive the most attention
  9. Expand upon the more popular headlines
  10. Adapt style to all types of communication

As your prospective clientele embraces caring about what you have to offer, greater opportunity will come your way.