In closing out our coverage of “motivation” lets touch back to the first sentence from one month ago; “long term, all of us know that motivation needs to come from within.”

I’ve given you rules and tools to consider in motivating others, tips for balancing extrinsic consequences and how you might create movement in another toward outcomes you desire as their leader. Now the question is, what moves them from within? What do we know about the intrinsic needs that drive all of us?

Research has shown that there is usually one of three basic needs that any of your team members might be hard-wired to want to satisfy – a need for performance, a need for people or a need for power:

• Performance…Do they respond best when given the opportunity for significant achievement?

• People…Is it the affiliation with others in the group that excites them day in and day out?

• Power…Are they driven toward freedom of decision-making and execution above all else?

Find out what drives your team members – from within. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Discover and leverage what naturally pulls them to perform, and you won’t have to push.