Generating IdeasThis past week has been consumed by a number of different meetings. Some weeks are like this. Productive meetings with proper agendas give people a chance to share thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Your job as a marketer is to bring ideas to the table. It can be as simple as the following:

  • offer suggestions for new process changes
  • suggest ways to save the company money
  • contact clients who are not paying their invoices
  • suggest new themes for events that have ocurred in the past
  • promote new talent to project teams
  • observe someone working and learn more about the work they do.

Outside the office, you need to connect to:

  • learn more about someone else’s job
  • check out a store you do not normally go into
  • check out some company blog sites on the web
  • go to a bookstore and check out the new marketing books
  • go to a carnival or fair and see what the most popular exhibits and rides are
  • find a local business radio program, you might be surprised.

This is just a small list. The fact is all of us need to bring more ideas to the table and see if we can improve our current business processes. It is amazing how much we can learn from others inside and outside our business, the key is to always be receptive to new learning. We don’t have to agree, but by being receptive, we give ourselves hope that a new idea may come to fruition.

Keep looking for new ideas.

Most of our company projects came from small ideas. The best ideas are those that come in the door are shared with others and implemented by a team. When ideas are owned by a team, this is when the magic occurs and ideas turn into business breakthroughs. Typically, these ideas are the best! It’s all about achieving results and this can be accomplished a number of ways.

The trick is making ideas happen!

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