The anticipation for this month’s US college basketball post-season tournament grips this nation and more specifically offices like no other event. Over the next two plus weeks, I don’t recommend you have high hopes for the level of support you will receive from businesses across a wide variety of industries.

This phenomenon historically only impacted businesses which had employees who were tethered to desks inside of office buildings. However, in the advent of smart phones, tablets, and internet connectivity which travels with us, our connection to sports and unproductivity has evolved beyond the four walls of the office building.

This concern may seem playful, but many service leaders fear the emergence of social and collaborative tools in field service as technology capabilities have moved beyond a clipboard and pen. I don’t have these same fears. The world and technology are moving too fast for us to bury our heads in the sand and hope that technicians won’t use their smart phones to check the internet or send a tweet while they are on the job. The key is how organizations can work with their service teams to empower them through technology, while also build a corporate culture of collaboration and productivity despite distractions. If you would like to know how Best-in-Class organizations close this gap, please take part in my current survey on Field Service Workforce Management. I will be publishing findings from this report over the coming months which take a look at how organizations can get the most out of their field service teams, even when distractions like social, mobile, and March Madness abound.

Also, on the calendar this March is an event which will put field service data into action. If you are available, I recommend you attend WBR’s Field Service Medical Europe on March 23 – 25 in Dublin, Ireland. This is one of many events in 2015 which will bring together service leaders to discuss many of the key challenges facing the industry. The service discussion will continue on, as we all hope to get the most out of our teams and excel at delivering service regardless of the challenges we are facing.