Around the world, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to grow, boost productivity, and keep their teams motivated to succeed. While it’s clear no one joins a company to fail, failure is always a possibility – especially in situations where a company’s culture is designed to support the hustle of its revenue-generating teams. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at SaaSGrowth 2020 where I had the opportunity to share how our global team has created a culture of hustle that’s led us to big wins and continued success.

Before we go on, it’s important to understand what hustle is.

Hustle is busy movement and activity. In sales, it refers to salespeople who show progressive movement, high activity and velocity. In short, it’s about a team who works hard to hit goals.

Definition of hustle: to show progressive movement, high activity, and velocity

At Introhive, we knew we wanted to create a culture of hustle using artificial intelligence (AI) and everyday actions to generate the type of positive energy that inspires us to hit our targets. It’s this culture that has allowed us to be successful throughout our history as a company – even amidst the disruption over the past several months. For us, hustle is less about what we do and more about who we are as an organization.

We had a group of high performers winning new business so regularly that we knew, as a company, we had to study how they were spending their time and what activities they were participating in at different stages to drive their success. Instead of making educated guesses, we used AI to solve a few data gaps for our analysis.

  1. We automated data-entry so that our company-wide CRM would be accurate and filled with detail on recent activities, time in stages, and more.
  2. Based on the data within our system, we used AI to discover patterns in how our high performers were spending their time throughout the workweek. For example, did they focus on big prospects or small? Top of funnel or bottom? Did they work collaboratively with others to learn from their successes or with customers/prospects? This led to a culture of visibility for the entire organization.
  3. Then, we wanted to understand the specific actions of our high performers. What assets did they send? At what points during the sales cycle did meetings impact the result? When did bringing a senior sales leader to the table move the needle?

Based on these patterns, we were able to provide our salespeople with the next best action they can take with their prospects in order to replicate prior successes.

In addition, we have always had a strong win wire in place to announce to the entire company when we close a deal. The minute an opportunity moves to “Won”, the global organization receives slack notifications and emails with details of that win. In doing so, we not only improved transparency company-wide, but we were able to keep our entire sales team motivated to hustle their deals.

As a result of these actions, we pulled off our third-best quarter in company history during what was arguably the hardest business environment we’ve seen in recent years. If you want to create a culture of hustle within your organization, I highly recommend you research tools available that leverage AI to help your company:

how to create a culture of hustle

When you add intelligence to your tech stack, you remove barriers and unlock the potential within your sales organization.