Blackbeard is born according to Jackman’s Instagram

Fresh after his stint of hosting the 68th Tony Awards, on Sunday, June 8th, Hugh Jackman debuted a brand new look on his Instagram. Today he shared a picture of himself with a shaved head to begin his transformation into playing a pirate in the upcoming live adaptation of the Peter Pan movie, Pan. “Blackbeard is born,” the 45 year-old actor captioned on the photo.

Jackman is just one of the many stars in this upcoming fairy-tale flim from Warner Bros. Helmed by Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright, the movie boasts a roster of A-list celebs including Jackman’s Les Mis co-star, Amanda Seyfried (Wendy Darling’s mother, Mary), Rooney Mara (Tiger Lily), and Garrett Hedlund (Captain Hook). Newcomer Levi Miller will play the title role.

Little else is known about the film, except that it puts a new spin on the J.M. Barrie’s classic story. According to Variety, the script, written by Jason Fuchs, is set during World War II and follows an orphan who is kidnapped by pirates and brought to Neverland. Looking over the cast it doesn’t seem like the typical Peter Pan flick we all know and love, but definitely is going to be something different and exciting for all who love this franchise. Pan is set to release in July 2015.

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