Telemarketing ServicesBefore you read on, this is the definition of ‘friction’ according to a blog from the Harvard Business Review. In here, you will also find explanations as to why you need to be careful when pursuing the HR department for offering software solutions specific to its function.

“Friction is anything that makes it more difficult for people in critical roles to win with the customer. Flow, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to remove barriers and promote better performance. The question applies to virtually any company in any business and it will take you farther down the road faster than the hazy, abstract injunction to become a strategic partner.”

Now read that last phrase, just what does it mean when it says HR needs to be a ‘strategic partner’? Well that’s because, according to this blog, HR leaders aren’t always in tune with the overall action plan. So what does this mean for you as a vendor of recruitment and payroll software? It might mean that while your attempts to sell might be well-received, it doesn’t mean the rest of the organization will follow.

Granted, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go straight to HR. Contacting that department still should be your first order of business when you’re qualifying other companies for B2B sales leads. It just simply means that you have to be on your toes when it turns out that your target HR department is experiencing friction with the rest of its organization.

Diving right in without fully grasping the situation could land you right in the middle of internal politicking. That’s a conflict you don’t want to get caught up in when you don’t even have much of a strong relationship with that company in the first place. Establishing ties in the following manner should be your top priority:

  • Contact HR – First, you need to know the proper contact details and the right decision maker in charge of the department. And by ‘right decision maker’, don’t just stop at titles and identify who is really calling the shots.
  • See things from different perspectives – Second, you must ask about why there is friction. After asking about it and hearing the story from the point-of-view of HR, try making calls to other departments involved and see their side of the story. Doing so will give you the different pieces you need to form the whole picture.
  • Offer a supportive solution – Finally, go back to HR and show a software solution that can help HR resolve this conflict as well as help it contribute more to the company’s overall strategy.

It may look time consuming at first. In fact, that last step is highly likely to warrant software appointment setting just so you can have enough time to talk and find the right meeting place to present your solution. However, you should always remember that you’re only targeting one part of a whole business entity. If that particular part is causing friction, then you should think twice before diving into the fray. Try to see a more complete picture of the problem and offer a relevant software solution to HR that can help ease the tension.