business tips how to be relevant during covid19

As a brand, it may seem prudent to step back and stop posting or creating ads on social media. We are in a crisis mode – on overdrive, fighting a global pandemic. COVID19 has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

BUT! Perhaps you may want to reconsider.

Consumers are longing for answers, distractions, entertainment, messages of support, things they can do at home and a way to process this new sense of [crazy] ‘normal.’

HELP them.

Remain active. Challenge your own status quo. Get in front of people (6’). Don’t be afraid to do something different. Creativity in business goes a long way. Every effort you make is not only a deposit for your audience but also for your business.

Maintain sensitivity and respect with your content. Table the hard-selling, remembering many people are out of work and unsure of their future. They don’t want to buy what you are pushing. They are in survival mode struggling to pay bills and make ends meet. Be thought FULL by showing how you add value and compassion. These are hard times for all. Your customer needs you to think about them.

Shift priorities from the sale to customer relationships. That’s where retention lives. Your goal is to show support using the talents you bring to the table. Being relevant to today; it is your survival tool.

Social distancing is the buzz word but it is actually physical distancing. People have become MORE social, finding ways to remain connected, reach out and still engage in a new world. Kids are having virtual playdates, adults share drinks and stories via video, companies hold virtual happy hours. People holler to their neighbors across the street. This is your new audience. For now. Meet them where they need you.

Make the time to:

  • Check-in with customers via text, phone, email or video
  • Create handbooks and white papers
  • Make offline events into webinars
  • Support other small businesses
  • Create fun social media contests
  • Share some of your daily business activities
  • Invite people into your day with video
  • Make ‘how to’ videos
  • Organize a virtual lunch meeting
  • Brainstorm unique and resourceful tools, packages, or products to fill the social distancing void
  • Review your website
  • Write blog posts
  • Build or enhance your digital footprint

If you’re unsure of a direction, please feel free to PM me to chat.

I want to share a local example of an AMAZING young couple, who are on top of social media, they have their finger on the pulse of their city, understand their customer needs, all the while, supporting other local businesses. I love this couple. I can’t say enough about them.

Kelley Farm Kitchen in Harper’s Ferry, WV is a phenomenal illustration of meeting customer wishes while instituting the highest level of safety measures. On March 20th, the owners posted a detailed video of their meticulous COVID-19 restaurant mandates from start to finish, including sanitization, the outdoor customer signage, menu placement, and disposal, down to the NO guest policy and pickup procedure. All of their Facebook posts profess their love and gratitude for the support and opportunity to serve the public. They consistently outline their policies and procedures, making sure everyone fully understands how, what and why they want to protect their clients. Always so genuine and from the heart.

Times are tough. The days are challenging. Couples must telework together [nightmare for many]. Finances are tight and some of the news is grim. We humans are tough and resilient. We will get through this.

Be resourceful and creative.

Find the compassion to be patient.

Support local businesses.

Innovate and inspire.

Step into each day with a positive mindset. It is a new opportunity to extend your hand for a better tomorrow.

If you know of a local business like Kelley Farm Kitchen or have read a story of innovative business practices, please share them here!

PS, remember that you still need to shower, brush your teeth and get dressed for work, no matter what your office consists of.