Most posts you see on Facebook and other social media sites have a photo attached and there’s a good reason for it. Visual content grabs people’s attention and will make them stop, react, and possibly leave a comment on your post.

Instagram is all about photos. The more beautiful the settings and/or colors, the more people will stop to react to it, thus gaining even more attention for your profile and hopefully gaining more followers.

The more people who react and comment on your photos and posts, the more social proof you gain.

Social proof is the concept that people will follow the ‘crowd’. The idea is that since so many other people like something, it must be something of value. This will convince the social media platforms and your followers that you are an important person with great authority. You engage with others, and therefore they Steffani LeFevourshould show your posts to more and more people.

Outside of social media, photos are a way to save precious memories.

Did you speak on the same stage as one of your mentors or at a prestigious event? Get a photo with that mentor or on stage and post to your blog and social media. Speaker and Coach Steffani LeFevour does this very effectively on her social media platforms. This is one of her posts where she talks about speaking at Mindvalley U.


Are you a fashion blogger who nabbed front row seats at a New York fashion week runway show? Better snap a few photos to showcase on your blog and social sites, which will certainly impress your readers and social followers. Fashion Blogger and Stylist Tali Kogan uses images from fashion week on Instagram and her blog.

Not a fan of attending live events? No problem.

  • Snap selfies in your home office.
  • Share proofs of your latest photo session.
  • Document your hiking treks or other outdoor adventures that show your audience how you enjoy spending your free time.
  • Showcase your newest website design with logo and color palate.
  • Invite your favorite pet into a few pictures for immediate engagement (people love seeing pets and children in photos!).
  • Document your travels to other states or faraway countries.

Even though these may not be “business-related” photos, you’re still interacting with your followers and showing them that you’re a real person. Studies have shown that people do business with those they feel like they know. These more personal photos will help build that relationship. Plus, those who wisely invest in photo shoots and professionally-designed websites and logos are already perceived as “experts.”

These simple snapshots are proof positive that you’re serious about your job, have the connections to get into exclusive events, care about serving your audience, and you’re not a fraud. Anybody can create an online persona in any field or related to any subject, so improve your credibility by sharing these great photos and do so without guilt. You’re the real deal, so share that with your readers and followers.