Let’s admit it, a lot of business presentations are boring. We’ve all sat through endless PowerPoint presentations featuring dated visuals (more clip art?) given by someone who sees presentations as a one-way conversation. It’s easy to get bored. After all, it’s not like you’re watching Steve Jobs unveil the iPad. Quite simply, if the people listening to your business presentation are mentally checking out, your presentation isn’t achieving its goal.

Thankfully, the Internet has helped in making it easier than ever to create engaging business presentations through countless online video content creation tools. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or teach employees new skills, keeping your audience engaged is key. Get your audience engaged by using video and their minds won’t be out for a walk when you need them to really focus. Whether it’s an in-person presentation or online on-demand or pre-recorded, the same rules apply. You can still connect and interact with your audience.

Here are some simple tips to make sure your audience is tuned in during your important presentation:

Spice up your visuals
There are plenty of ways to use video to bring your presentation into the 21st century and engage your audience.

For instance, you can use online video production to enhance both live and on-demand presentations. With most standard laptops now containing built-in webcams and other video tools, animations or screen captures of interesting applications are easy to create and will enhance your presentation by increasing the level of engagement with your audience. Plus, you can sync PowerPoint slides or other supporting materials to the video, providing another visual enhancement to your presentation.

Consider everyone
Schedules are hectic and it’s a good bet not everyone you want at your presentation will be able to attend at the scheduled time. Instead of just accepting these no-shows, you can make your presentation available for on-demand viewing. Just type in the word webinar or video and you’ll see how many other companies are taking advantage of this practice and recording their presentations for future viewing. This allows these companies to build a library of useful materials for their employees, partners, and customers. I do recommend that you find an upload option which allows you to set your own privacy settings. Now everyone you want at your presentation can make it no matter what!

Make it social
The best way to stop your audience from tuning you out is to get them involved in your presentation. Ask questions! Solicit comments and queries from the audience. This should be done with both live and on-demand presentations. If you get the audience involved regularly throughout your presentation it’ll make it impossible to mentally check out.

What if you want to get social with your on-demand audience? No problem! After all, the Internet has made it easy to engage with viewers of on-demand presentations. Many on-demand video tools including YouTube give users the ability to post questions or responses to the video. Answer those questions and you’ve created a social dialogue with your audience which will make them feel engaged and included.

Provide More Information
As you go through your presentation, provide sources for additional information for your audience. Your audience is looking to you for information, but you only have a limited amount of time and resources. Whatever the topic, there is just no way you can cover every aspect in your presentation, so don’t try.

Ensure your audience can delve more deeply into the subject by providing them with outside outlets or materials that will be useful. If you’re conducting a training, recommend the latest books, videos or manuals. If you’re selling a product, direct your audience back to your website where they can view case studies or client testimonials. Providing self-paced content to your audience needs to occur regardless of how you are presenting. In an online video, links to these documents or websites can be embedded directly into your presentation. Provide your audience with supporting and relevant information and they’ll come back to you well-informed and more interested.

What are some tips you have for better business presentations? Share them in the comments!

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