I take a lot of pictures, mostly of my dog, but regardless, a lot of pictures. I also make a lot of phone calls. You may think the two don’t have much in common, but alas, they do. Setting up a picture and setting up a teleprospecting call are very similar.

Locate your subject. In taking a picture you have to have a concrete subject or the image becomes muddled and different objects pull the eye in too many directions. Focus on your subject, it doesn’t have to be dead center, but the viewer must be able to recognize what the photo is of. Similarly, in teleprospecting, locate your subject. One of my clients requires a very specific subject. When I find the one subject I focus all my energy on getting that person live.

Check your settings. Is it day or night time, is there a lot of motion or is it a still? Knowing the right settings for your surroundings can be very tricky and can make or break your shot. Likewise, check your settings in researching your prospect. Are there other people in the company you can get information from? For my same client, the Executive Assistants can be very helpful in providing me with some of the background information so that I can be more prepared when I speak to my targeted prospect. Always do as much research as possible, so you can then be prepared to focus on your subject.

Take a picture! Finally you’ve set everything up, found your subject, controlled your settings– so click that shutter and take it! With all your preparation hopefully you’ve produced a beautiful image that you’ll have forever.  In teleprospecting, at this point you’ve identified your subject, checked in with your ‘settings’ and now it’s time to set up a meeting and execute. Because you’ve done all your preparations, you are sure to excel in your conversation and ideally uncover a  highly qualified opportunity for your client.

Here is a picture of my dog.

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