How To Sell To Different Kinds Of B2B Sales Leads

Selling effectively to your business leads is mostly considered an art. Not all your target leads will have the same characteristics, even though they may fit the same criteria. A good b2b lead generation campaign will give you a variety of business sales leads, and you must treat them all accordingly if you want to make sure that they all convert to profits. While a good b2b telemarketing company will get you quality business appointments, your sales representatives will handle most of the actual selling. Here are the different kinds of customers and how your sales people can best sell to them.

1. The “I’m just looking around” customer.

These business leads will generally make up the bulk of your business list and telemarketing list. These types of customers easily sign up with their complete company information, which will mostly make you think that they are genuinely interested. However, these leads, as they are aptly called, are just looking around.

How to sell: A business lead who is merely window shopping can be a difficult sell. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be converted. These individuals are mostly looking around because of an anticipated need. Keep them in your nurture list and you can easily convert them when the actual need arises.

2. The skeptical customer.

These skeptical business leads can sometimes border on the suspicious, thanks to the lot of fraudulent individuals spamming and stealing from other companies and businesses. This has lead these types of business leads to become cautious of anything offered to them, as such, they can be the most difficult of customers to sell to.

How to sell: The best way to reassure a skeptical customer is to show proof of the effectiveness of your product. Showing your portfolio or a list of the companies you’ve worked with (especially if this includes big names in the industry) will definitely make your company more trustworthy to these types of doubtful customers. You should also show proof of the durability and reliability your products and services. Warranties than only cover a few days, weeks, or months are red flags that means your offerings won’t be able to last that long.

3. The discount customer.

These types of business leads are the target of free 30 day trial offers. They may or may not necessarily need the type of products you offer, but because of the mark down or promo you’re offering, they have decided to check you out. They are easily attracted by promotional b2b telemarketing, but they can just as easily back out of the deal at the last minute.

How to sell: So that you don’t waste any time with these type of unqualified leads, you need to hire a good telemarketing company whose b2b telemarketers will properly identify if the leads are qualified or not. That said, don’t throw them away, either. Some discount customers are really interested in your products, but they can be really cheap. It would be best if you sell to them only the products that they actually need, and save the upsell for another customer.

4. The ideal customer.

These customers are your ideal business sales leads. They have a real need and your products can really benefit them. The only problem here is that they may have already been approached by your competitors.

How to sell: Prove to them why your products are better than everyone else’s. Instead of focusing on the benefits that your products offer, focus on the benefits that they can reap. Do this and your sales representatives will definitely be able to convert these types of b2b leads.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc