People often take advantage of the anonymity of the Internet to complain about negative experiences with a company’s product or service. It has spawned a cottage industry of complaint sites like What should you do if someone is posting false or negative information about your company on

How does work? does not require users to register or log-in, although that option is available, and users have the ability to reply to posts. does require users to adhere to their online conduct, which states that users will not post anything inaccurate, abusive, etc. about an entity.

Can I remove or amend a complaint from

Posts can be removed from, but only with a court order or if the original poster claims that they posted false information. A contact form is in place for companies to contact the Web site if they believe a post is inaccurate or outdated.

Should I reply to a complaint on

Anyone can reply to a complaint or post on The site even has guidelines for companies who choose to engage with the posters. The company can include their contact information so that concerned visitors can contact them directly.

Before engaging with anyone on, it’s important to write with a level-head. It can be satisfying to tell someone how wrong they are about your company or product, but if you come off too aggressive, it can generate even more complaints or aggravate a vindictive poster.

The best course of action is to consult with an online reputation management company before engaging with any member on In addition to utilizing search engine optimization techniques to elevate positive things people are saying about you or your company online and suppressing negative content, a reputation management firm can help you craft an appropriate response a site like

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