If you’re struggling for ideas as to how to promote your business, then look to the stars! The Hollywood stars that is! While most businesses can only dream of budgets to match those of a blockbuster movie, don’t worry, you don’t need to have a budget of millions in order to create budget busting hype.

In the small business world, you can mimic a Hollywood campaign by building up the release of your new product, or by launching a special offer.

Let’s take a look at how some movie promotion tactics can translate into the small business world.

How to Promote Your Business – The Hollywood Masterplan!


A sure sign of an impending blockbuster movie is that you suddenly see posters all over town. It probably isn’t feasible for you to do the same, but posters and flyers on a smaller scale are still a great tool for certain businesses. For those on a small budget you could print off your own posters for new product launches or offers and display them in local shop windows. If you have a big campaign to promote, maybe you could even get a full size billboard for a few weeks in a strategic local position.


For really big films, even the trailer release can be a big deal! It’s not unheard of for people to go and see a certain movie just for a glimpse of the trailer for a bigger movie that’s on beforehand! With YouTube, everyone can be their own movie star and it’s perfect for small business. You can make your own videos advertising your products and services, like this one – SEO Altrincham, and send the links out on emails, Facebook, Twitter, or your preferred social platform. For those who are camera shy you don’t need to appear on screen as there are sites that allow you to produce professional quality video without even owning a camera.


When a new film comes out you often hear of launch parties, invite only events for the super glamorous or advance screenings for a select few. Translate this into your business by having a special invite only event for your new product launch. You could invite a few long term customers and use the occasion to gauge their long term interest in your business. Or, you could say the event is for the first 10 responders and offer those people a special price for first come, first served. The aim of the game is to create desire by offering exclusivity, or the appearance of exclusivity.

If it’s an actual event make sure you take pictures or video and get comments from your guests as you can then use the footage as content for your website and to promote your business even further.


Everyone loves a freebie! Hollywood films may stretch their budget to offer trips to their studio in LA or a new car as a competition prize. What giveaways can you offer that are more appropriate to your business? People will fill in feedback forms at a restaurant for £5 off their next bill, or they’ll cross the street to get a drink sample that’s being handed out. If you have an online business you could offer a series of downloads, or video tuition. Make sure that whatever you’re giving away it won’t bankrupt you and use it as a way to get customer buy in and contact details so that you can get something back from them in the future.

Press Releases

Have something newsworthy? Don’t wait for the press to find you, write your own press releases and submit them to PR sites. There are sites you can submit news to for free such as PR Web who will then syndicate your release across the internet. Before you publish your release, you need to make sure that you use correct search engine optimisation techniques so you both search engines and people find it.

Some examples of when you could use a press release to promote your business would be; promoting a local event, a new product with some great benefits or if you have won an industry accolade it might make a more interesting story than your Q1 sales figures.


A movie premier is a big event, build up can last for months culminating in all the stars, the director, producers and crew attending a screening that will be photographed for the world press and have hundreds of fans lining up to see their favourite celebrities.

You could have a countdown to your launch date on your website. If you’ve followed the tips above and made videos, press releases, held your launch event and done giveaways, then your “premier” event should herald an increase in customer interest and hopefully a sales boost will follow.

For the Grand Finale, make sure you follow up with feedback from the event, get reviews from customers and update your website with news. After all, a Hollywood blockbuster isn’t just about the premier it’s about the critics reviews, the awards the DVD release and the merchandising

There you have it, learning how to promote your business like it’s a Hollywood blockbuster is not difficult, with the right script you too can become a star!