You’ve been in business for awhile and things are going well. But you’ve realized something: you want to start talking to a new audience. You want to learn how to pivot your business message to a new audience, and you’re not sure where to start.

This is common for businesses. When we first start out we may have one mission and one audience in mind. As our businesses progress, we might realise that we like working with certain clients more, or that our products are better suited for people we never intended them for. Pivots are totally fine and should be expected in your business. But how do you do it gracefully, without isolating anyone and negatively impacting your income?

How to Pivot Your Business Message

Step 1- Identify your new audience

Who do you want to start speaking to? Is it Gen Z as a whole, or is it new Millennial moms? Get specific and learn exactly who you want to talk to. What are they interested in? What are they’re pain points? The more you can hone in on who you want to pivot your business message to, the easier the pivot will be. Plus the more you know about it, the more more likely to have success within that new market.

Step 2- Assess how you speak to your audience

Talking to Baby Boomers is very different from talking to Gen Z. Similarly, taking to a mom is very different from talking to a non-parent. Take the time to do a marketing audit. Do you need to be on new platforms? Do you need to change your branding or messaging? Is your language appropriate for your new audience? Have you created a welcoming atmosphere in your store that people want to spend time in?

Step 3- Practice and research

Research is a business owners best friend. Just because you think you want to pivot your business message doesn’t mean that a new audience wants to hear it. Dig into the current market that you’re thinking of pivoting to. How can you really help them? Why are you the solution to their problems?

Pivoting your business message and audience will take some work, but by following this guideline, you’ll have a smoother time of it. Pivoting can be critical to long term growth so definitely lean into it- just make sure you’re prepared to cover all the bases.