How To Perfect Your Client Pitch

For a business to continue to flourish, you need to need to win clients. This is why it is important to learn how to throw a client pitch. Pitch ideas, products or services to gain trust and confidence from your client. This is common in the world of advertising, but other industries such as IT and law also have to do client pitches. Presenting a flawless pitch is not an easy task since you have to stand out from the rest, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Sometimes, you have to focus your attention on little details and not too much on winning in order to increase your chances of gaining clients. Below are four ways to perfect your client pitch.

1. Understand client’s needs

One of the best ways to create a good pitch is understanding the needs of your client. This means you won’t be discussing unnecessary matters that are of no importance to the client. When you focus on their business needs, then you will be able to catch their attention more because it’s something that they need to hear. This way, you’re also making clients feel that you know the business well. Keep in mind that these clients have been listening to all sorts of pitches, and a way to prevent your pitch from being generic is by making research about your clients business and also their target market. You can really learn a lot from the facts that you’ll get, which will help you create a perfect client pitch.

2. Have a clear goal

When going for a client pitch, you have to communicate clearly your objective. When you do this, you prevent the client from getting confused on what you’re trying to say. Without a clear goal, you might miss out on what your client wants to see or hear from you. It’s also hard if there are mixed messages on your pitch. Every element on your client pitch should be relevant to the goal you’re trying to achieve. So be clear with your message. This may be a simple rule, but some still forget this important element.

3. Be direct

Remember that your client’s time is precious. And since your pitch is not the only thing that they will look into for the day, it’s better to make a good impression instantly. Also, some don’t have such a long attention span, so you need to catch their attention by being direct. Imagine if you were the client, you wouldn’t want a long and boring pitch, right? Pitching is also like creating a story with a big impact. It starts with a good introduction that can stir curiosity. And it ends with a specific action in mind. It’s like putting all the puzzle pieces together in a simple and fast manner. That way, clients will remember you and your business will leave a lasting impression even after you leave the room.

4. Show just the right amount of confidence

Sometimes, in a client pitch, companies want to win so bad that they become too confident and become so focused on themselves instead on their client’s needs. Over confidence is a no-no because what you want to build is a partnership where two entities are equal and co-dependent, and not better than the other. On the other hand, having little confidence will also not make you win clients. So make sure it’s balanced.

Julian Hartley works for, a talent management and outsourcing solutions company.