A wantrepreneur is someone who wants to be an entrepreneur but they never quite get around to it. They have an idea (or ideas) and they are mesmerized by the thought of doing something innovative, but there’s a lot more thinking than actually doing. Does this sound like you? If you’re stuck in a slump and you’re ready to move forward, here are some tips to get you past being a wantrepreneur.

Start With One Idea

Having many ideas is awesome. After all, entrepreneurs are “big ideas” people. New and innovative ideas push our society forward. But having too many ideas can actually leave you stagnant because you’re not acting on any of them.

Understand that no idea is perfect and the journey to bringing any of your ideas to life probably won’t be idealistic. Too often we get a great idea and we get an initial high while envisioning success, but that high fades when we actually starting doing the work.

You have to do research, build a website, perfect your product, perfect your sales pitch, and more before the success happens. This is a lot less fun than dreaming about being the next Zuckerberg so you throw in the towel until another exciting idea comes along and the process continues. Try to stick to one idea for several months and fully flesh it out before deciding to move on to another.

Stop Reading

I challenged myself in March to stop going on social media and to stop consuming content from my favorite influencers. I wanted to see how distracted I was.

Turns out the challenge worked. I created a training series in one weekend and sold 10 of them within the first week. I published 24 pieces of new content to my blogs.

If you’re consuming a lot of information, there’s a good chance that you’re not acting on any of it. Take a break and start doing some actual work. Source materials for your products, get on the phone to do some sales calls, or create content.

Start Small

When you have grandiose ideas of what entrepreneurship should look like it can be overwhelming. You may think you need to scale up right away by hiring a staff or investing in a lot of product. Needs for your business will vary (of course), but understand it’s okay to start small.

You don’t need to do something big or nothing at all. Don’t compare the start of your business to a full grown business either. You may not have the cash right now to invest in all of the bells and whistles that other businesses have, and that’s not a problem. Just start somewhere and reinvest in your business as the money comes in.

Final Word

The main difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur is action in spite of fear, self doubt, and external obstacles. You will experience failure during the journey, but these are lessons.

Not acting because you fear failure is a surefire way to stay a wantrepreneur forever. Choose one idea to commit to, act on that idea, and shut everything else out to move past being a wantrepreneur.