If you want to know how to get things done, then Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, is your man.

A good friend of ours Liz Watson, gave us the heads up on Scott’s presentation for Portable Talks when Adam was reading Scott’s book “Making Ideas Happen“. It was great timing and a fantastic presentation. Personally I believe in the adage: ideas are 1%, execution is 99% and Scott has dedicated his time to the 99%. His presentation ranged across all sorts of techniques from checklists, through to meeting patterns and technologies – all focused on the execution of ideas.

It was perfect timing for us at Bluewire as we try to speed up our web strategy and web design projects’ delivery times.

[It was so good in fact, that when Adam and I saw it in Sydney, we booked 3 extra tickets for the team up in Brisbane!]

So at the end of the presentation I asked Scott: “What is your number 1 tip for making things happen fast?”

The answer: Take action without conviction, take a little action and take it fast. Check out the video below. Thanks Scott!


I’m Scott Belsky and pleased to answer a question for Bluewire Media.

The question is: Could you please reiterate your number 1 idea for making things happen fast and then how that might apply to web projects or which web tools might help?

One of the things everyone needs to think about is that with any idea that comes up, that we feel comfortable acting without conviction sometimes. Often times that means rather than thinking about when to start thinking about it, and who to start speaking to and when to take a test, just take rapid action. Rapid action to talk to a specific person about it and decide the next step. Or rapid action to draft it up and send it around for feedback. Or rapid action to buy the domain name. Whatever it is, these little actions are sometimes what help us break the seal of hesitation that often gets in the way of having an idea and actually see it transpire. I think in any sort of web development project, new business, new product, new service, when you have that inkling of an idea, push yourself to find the first action you can take and then take it quickly and see where it takes you.

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