In all things, your first impression generally has quite a lasting effect. Especially in business, it is crucial that you are able to make a positive impression, not just the first time; but all of the time.

Whether you are going to an organised meeting that you have had time to primp and plan for, or you just happen to bump into an influential person unexpectedly, if your business is going to succeed you need to impress every chance that you get. The following are some handy tips for making a great first impression in business.

Business Card

Even though so much of business is done via computers now days, the old school business card is still an integral part of making a good impression for your business. Your business card should be professional, yet have a unique style. Make sure you have them on you at all times, because even just the act of pulling out a business card can be enough to make an initial good impression.


More often than not these days, the first contact a person will have with a company is via their website, making it an extremely important place to make a solid first impression. Your website should look professional, be clear and easy to use, as well as provide any and all information that a prospective client may want or need. If you are any hope of succeeding in business these days, you have to have an awesome website.

Promotional Materials/Items

If your promotional materials are doing their job and exposing your business to people all over the place, they had better look good if you want to make a good first impression. Sometimes your flyer will be all that a person has to judge you and your entire operation on, so keep this is mind when deciding on your materials.

Dress Well for Meetings

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, people will judge you by what you look like when you turn up to your business meetings, so have an extra special set of threads put aside for these important occasions. Don’t overdress, as regular business attire if fine, though make sure your tie is straight and your hair looks good before you head on in for the meeting. A nice watch can be a wonderful accessory for making a good impression as well.

Be Generous

Whether you offer to pay for someone’s lunch or donate money to the local school, when your business moves into a new area, generosity is viewed as a sign of wealth and success, and the more your business is seen as being generous the more popular it will be throughout the community.

There’s no better first impression to make than being seen doing something generous for someone, so make sure you maintain a generous budget for community donations as part of any strategy development plan your business comes up with.

Your first impression can single-handedly win you a huge contract, or ruin any chance you might have had, so rather than just hope you are making a good first impression, make sure of it. If you are a socially awkward person and it is holding your business back, take a public speaking course or get a business coach, because for your business to succeed you are going to need to find a way to make a good impression.