Managers and business owners always try to get their staff to become more productive year after year. Productivity factors in quite a few variables that simply telling people to work harder is not going to yield any results. Motivation is part of the equation but it by no means is it all-inclusive when it comes to productivity. Management is going to have to try to make the jobs of staff easier or reduce time wasted doing menial tasks unrelated to real productivity. Productivity should not come at the expense of quality of work which is often times what happens when a business really tries to ramp up production numbers. The following are tips to help a business run at its highest levels in 2019 and beyond.

Optimizing The Sales Process

Once there are scalable processes in place for a majority of the company it is important to optimize the sales process. If the company can complete as much work as they can sign then this is the most important thing to do with production. Client questionnaires can be used in order to qualify a lead as well as identify pain points that the prospect might have. This can lead to a shorter sales process rather than pitching products that a prospect might not have any use for. When addressing a pain point empower the client letting them know that they did the right thing by allowing your company to help. People do not like feel like they are being sold something but rather they are making the decision. Empower the client and continue to use top performers to meld training to make the sales team even stronger.

Work From Home Days Before Holidays

The days before a holiday are production killers as many people tend to use their PTO during these days in order to maximize amount of time of in a row. This can lead to the holidays being a nightmare as far as earning and producing for clients. With this being said clients could be less responsive leading to these issues with production as well. Keeping clients accountable about approving orders or projects that need to be done by a client manager. Working from home allows the company not to dip in production while allowing staff to travel without using PTO and getting work done.

Doing Proactive Maintenance On Equipment

Total Productive Maintenance or TPM is usually used in terms of manufacturing businesses. This means doing maintenance on equipment before it breaks down causing a delay or bottleneck. Manufacturing is not the only niche that uses this terminology as it can be applicable to nearly any niche. An internet marketing company making sure security is updated on all company devices can help avoid a shutdown if a hacker gets into the system. Even someone doing lawn maintenance can tune up aanedger to avoid issues throughout a business day. Proactive approaches to maintenance avoid the problem while reactive approaches can deal with the problem but not without it impacting production.

Creating Productivity Contests With Real Prizes

Contests in the workplace are not worth engaging in without real prizes as they are just noise without real incentive. A productivity content monthly or even weekly can lead to a huge production boost. Offering something like work from home days for winning the contest can be the perk that staff is looking for. Of course you do not want them to slack off during these days so setting goals for remote working is important. There is a chance that management finds that certain employees are more productive at home than they ever are at the office. This could be due to lack of distractions or because of a chatty coworker sitting near them. For these employees offering full-time work from home privileges should be done as long as productivity does not dip or quality of work does not decrease.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is looked down upon by many professionals as they feel like management is looking over their shoulder. The truth is that billions of dollars are lost yearly due to time theft or people doing things unrelated to work when they are on the clock. This theft of time has only gotten worse with social media being as addictive to certain individuals as it is. Watching top employees can be a huge help as management can see how they are breaking their day down. This can help with training new or struggling employees as well as it keep complete transparency when billing clients hourly.

As you can see it is going to take work but it is possible to make 2019 the most productive yet at your company. Take the time to assess where the company can get better immediately and start from there! Do not accept the same productivity numbers year after year as this will cause business to stagnate or start to struggle.