Let’s take a step back—and talk about college football.

Every college football coach has specific tactics and strategies they use in practice and during games. These may be mundane defensive line shifts, specific blitz packages or precise plays that need to be executed in a certain way to be successful. These tactics improve any team’s chances of winning.

Tactics are important. But do you know what is more important? Recruiting good players to play for your team.

The best plays, tactics and strategies don’t matter if the players aren’t high quality.

What does this have to do with marketing and increasing conversion rates?

Well, think about it this way, you can optimize your website, your landing page, and your content, but if the leads are not high quality, and if your marketing spend is not optimized, none of that stuff matters.

How-To Use Call Tracking for Improving Lead Quality 

The most basic purpose of call tracking is to optimize marketing spend. Call tracking tells marketers which channels are producing phone calls and which are not. This allows marketers to spend their money and time working channels that produce the best leads and the most leads.

Implement Call Tracking – Place call tracking phone numbers (local or toll-free numbers of your choice) on your website and marketing channels.

Track Marketing EffectivenessLogMyCalls, and other call tracking applications, will show you precisely how many calls each advertising channel is generating.

Track Conversion Rates for Each Advertising Channel – Not only does LogMyCalls show you how many calls each advertising channel is generating, but it will also help you figure out your conversion rate for each specific marketing channel.

Optimize Marketing Spend – Once you know which marketing methods are actually producing calls AND conversions, you can spend money in those channels. And stop spending money on channels that doesn’t work. This increases conversion rates very, very quickly. The better the marketing channel, the better the lead. The better the lead, the higher the conversion rate.

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