It can be challenging to find a good translator particularly because you are in no position to judge their acumen of the second language, in which you want them to translate for you. After all, had you known this second language so well, why would you need a translator anyway?

So, moving forward, no matter for what reasons you want to hire a translator, be it for any meetings with clients from other countries, to sign legal deals, to attend important international events or any other, you can always rely on global communities to find a good translator for yourself in whichever language you want.

But how will you know which translator is actually the right one for you? Well, here are a few ways you can identify:

1. Shortlist the Translators – The first step to hiring a good professional translator is to know whether you need a freelance translator or a translating company that can provide you with a good translator. It depends upon the kind of work for which you need translation. For events, you need to hire a company and if you need translation of legal documents and others, then it is best to hire the translation services of a native speaker who speaks the language and who is an expert in the field.

2. Screening Translators – After you shortlist the translators, screen them according to their qualifications, experience and fluency. Take a translation test that will clearly show you how good they are. You can also contact convention bureaus, hotels, the chamber of commerce and other such places for references. Now, based on your list, check out the websites, if any, of the translators. Don’t forget to ask them for references.

3. Certification – If you are hiring a company, then you must look for Language Service Provider (LSP) experience and ISO certification that is a certificate of quality. The translating company would have gone through strict procedures and an ISO certified company would provide excellent results.

4. Experience – Now, whether it is a company or a freelance translator, the aspect that is of key importance here is the experience. How much experience does the translator have in his chosen field, what kind of experience does he have, what is his success rate and if he is adaptable to circumstances and people? There are just too many aspects you can look into, suggest experts at Wolfestone Translations.

Also, when you take a test, evaluate how quick he is with his replies and, also, how accurate. This is all the more essential if you are hiring a translator for translation of legal documents, where one mistranslated word can lead to an entirely different interpretation.

5. Discuss Professional Fees – Now, that you have found the right candidate you must discuss his professional fee. Translation is a highly specialized work and if you pay peanuts, you will only get monkeys. Instead of haggling, just check for the standard price online. Remember that the fee will vary according to the nature of translation and the skill of translator.

Develop a good relationship with the professional translator, as you will be working with him for a long time. Your main reason for hiring the translator is your lack of fluency in the language and therefore, you have to trust him implicitly to do the job well. Communicate with him openly and you will have a job well done.