This week I received one of the most wonderful and effective business introductions ever. In the social media space, one of the things I notice have been missing for a lot of people when I ask how they are growing their business is this…

Giving good powerful referrals

Here is a screen shot ( permission given) to the introduction I receive this week.

social media for smart people introduction

Here is what makes this introduction so effective and you can use this strategy in your introductions:

  • A sincere opening and expression of current events
  • A reason for wanting to introduce ( their benefit)
  • Why ( your own benefit) for wanting to introduce
  • Place to check our person introducing ( give good link)
  • How they could benefit from introduction ( make it a win/win)
  • Suggestion how and where to have the conversation
  • Permission ( always ask-courtesy goes a long way)

Sharing these pieces of a good introduction because, frankly most introductions I have seen these past 4 years have been really LAME. If you are wondering how you can build stronger business relationships, here is a good place to start… Taking your connections via social media offline is key.

Social Media is not meant to be a replacement for face time conversations. It is a way to connect, to touch base and to interact when space separates us by distance.

Referrals are really beautiful and productive, when you handle them with the preciousness and care needed to be helpful for everyone involved.

Jenise Fryatt social media for smart people

Thanks to Jenise Fryatt, via Icon-Presenatations for being willing to allow me to use her example of a great introduction. Give her and her business a follow – and remember reach out and actually connect – talk and do business.

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Share your experiences and insights in comments and let’s start giving and receiving better referral introductions.

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