Recapture Your Business Focus With These Simple Techniques

Recapture Your Business Focus With These Simple Techniques

In my coaching business and working with clients one on one, I see a common theme where lack of time and over scheduling are roadblocks to having more focus and moving forward. Whether you are writing a new book, working on your brand marketing or planning to become a professional speaker in your field, having the right mindset and discipline is critical to reaching your goals more effectively.

“I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.” — Zig Ziglar

Like most people, you may find it difficult to balance all the tasks that demand your attention. You may even find yourself saying, “If I just had more hours in the day!”

Do you experience a lack of motivation lately? Daily stress simply cannot be reversed in a vacation. The next time your confidence takes a hit or your urgent to-do list is growing, try a few of these simple tips, adapted from the book, Recharge in Minutes by Suzanne Zoglio, Ph.D.:

1 – Take the time to stop and breathe

Sit quietly, inhale to the count of six as if filling a balloon just above your waist and then slowly exhale, feeling your balloon deflate and any tension subside. Repeat this 3-6 times. It’s amazing how good you will feel by just taking a few minutes to add more oxygen to your brain.

2 – Keep yourself accountable

It’s easy to sell off little pieces of yourself by keeping commitments to everyone but you! List 6 things you’ve been “meaning” to do. This will help you discover what is taking up your time the most. Do something to forward that intention today — value yourself!

3 – Admit failure

Consider one “little fish” that you caught without trying…from a friend, a client, or family member. Now, shore up your courage, admit that you overcommitted, and throw it back. People will respect you when you are able to say, “no,” and most will work with you to schedule things in.

4 – Get moving

If your mind is in overdrive, give it a rest and let your feet take over for 5 minutes. Run up and down stairs. Go weed in the garden. Do jumping jacks or a dozen sit-ups…or sprint to the store for a latte. Whatever works for you — just do it! If your work does not involve a lot of physical activity this is especially important for your health and energy levels.

5 – Unplug for a while

Turn on your voicemail, turn off the devices and go to your quiet place. Hear the rain as you’ve heard it before, and smell the musty earth. Allow nature around you to melt the tension. If you’re not able to do this there are plenty of mobile apps available that play realistic sounds that are perfect for meditation. Take ten minutes of your day to do this. As you leave you will take with you the serenity you experience in nature.

6 – Take personal responsibility

When life brings the unexpected, it’s easy to get caught up in finger pointing. The problem is that until you focus on what you can do, you’ll experience the stress of low control. Forget the blame and look for a way out with a manageable solution that works for everyone.

7 – Don’t give up

What we think influences how we feel, and how we feel influences how we act. When you suffer a blow, bounce back with the encouraging words you’d offer a friend. Recite a favorite prayer, read an inspiring quote, or just repeat silently, “I can handle this” or “The Universe conspires on my behalf.”

8 – Start dreaming again

Pretend it’s two years from now and you are writing to a close friend. Describe where you’re living, what you’re doing, who brings you joy, and how you are making a difference. Dare to dream…and write it down. Some like to create a vision board while others will use platforms like Pinterest to create dream boards. Find what works for you and visit this each day.

9 – Stop complaining and move forward with solutions

When you complain, you drain your brain. It’s an admission you’ve hit a dead-end. Instead, turn every gripe into a question that gets your brain fired up in search of a solution. From, “I’m out of luck” to “How can I turn this to my advantage?” or “What can I learn from this?” or “Who could help me with this challenge?” Stomp out global whining…and you’ll plug up a huge energy drain!

10 – Celebrate your progress

When you’ve had a streak of bad luck, celebrate. Hey! Who needs champagne when you’re high on success? When you’re stressed is when you need the lift! Meet a friend, make a reservation at a favorite restaurant, study a picture of a loved one, or just take a walk with Mother Nature!

AFFIRMATION: Today I will take a moment for myself because I know that I Can.

The good news is, if you’re your own worst enemy, then the only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always imagined is… you! And once you recognize the issues that are holding you back, you can address them, one at a time. It is not always easy, but taking these steps can be life-changing – if you are willing to do the work.