How To Get More Sales From Your Business To Business LeadsWhether it’s new or existing b2b leads, everyone expects to be sold something one way or another. The important thing here is to find out when they are more willing to purchase and when they are likely to be defensive against any sales talk. Obviously, trying to sell anything to a lead who has already made up his mind not to buy anything will only be a waste of time, and you will likely be viewed as a nuisance the next time you make contact. Conversely, if you are able to approach your leads at a time when they are more open minded and willing to listen, you can turn a casual conversation into a solid sale, and your business leads will even think of you as a person who provides reliable solutions that they can always count on. But it’s not always easy to know when is the right time to talk shop with potential customers, and yet the pressure and need to get a sale never decreases.

To help your sales team improve their chances during business appointments and your overall sales ratio, you can adopt the following tips to help you achieve an overall marketing approach that is conducive to sales.

Do the proper market research
Finding the right business sales leads through well-targeted lead generation is already half the fight to closing a sale. Knowing your target audience adequately will help you figure out which marketing method will be most effective in reaching out to them and setting up appointments, whether it is telemarketing, social media, or email marketing. Getting professional help with market research is nothing to be ashamed of and will help you get more business to business leads in the long run.

Build a credible brand image
Your online and offline reputation matter significantly when it comes to being able to make a sale. What your existing customers say about you in online forums, review sites, business meetings, and what your target business leads already think of you will dictate how well you can sell. Here’s what you can do:

  • Avoid using paid testimonials to improve your reputation, rather, use your resources to improve your actual products and services.
  • Try to respond immediately to negative comments or reviews about your company, these offer a great perspective for improving your business.
  • Do ask your customers for a comment or opinion about the service you’ve given or product you’ve sold, and post these on your website or use them as reference when speaking with potential business leads.

Learn to listen to what they’re not saying
During business appointments, pay attention to what your business leads want to convey, instead of just the words they’re saying. Often times your potential leads don’t speak about the problem itself, but try to discuss the benefits of a certain technology over the other because that’s what they got out of their own research. Don’t join them in the debate about social media platforms, content management systems or marketing channels. By getting to the root of the problem, you can make a better assessment of the situation and offer them the proper solution. This process will lead to a better client understanding and higher chance of a sale, not to mention better long-term client relations.

Even without exceptionally skilled sales people in your company, you can still establish business strategies that will help you get a lot of qualified business to business leads that have a high chance of converting into a sale.

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