Traffic is the life of your blog!

I have said that many times before and many of my readers have heard that before.

They know it to be true because your site is nothing but text and plain pages that don’t show up on computer screens all over the world.

And if you don’t drive traffic to your website, then the above sentences are totally true about your blog.

No driven traffic to your site = (equals) a blog that is dead and not looked at from many computer screens.

driving traffic to your website

They are unlimited amounts of places to drive traffic back to your site,  but having too many options, cannot always be good for you.

Too many sources can rob you of the true sources that give you the best results.

That is why it is important to test certain sites and a combination of them that will drive you the most traffic back to your site.

Creating YouTube Videos for Traffic

YouTube is currently the second most visited site on the planet and it gains many subscribers every day.

I see so many bloggers not taking advantage of this incredible Web 2.0 site and the results they are lacking every day from it.

YouTube videos help rank much easier than regular pages and the traffic can be gained from the search engines to your video very quickly.

From the video itself, you can create income or direct the traffic right back to your blog/site.

How incredible is that!

Your rankings of your site will increase in the search engines, just by linking back from YouTube.

Also the directed traffic back is highly targeted, which makes the traffic driven the best.

Commenting on other Sites

Cannot be thrown under the bus with this technique.

One of the oldest form of directing traffic in the books!

It is also one of the best forms of driving traffic back to your site, and the linking that is involved in makes it just as more valuable.

General commenting won’t cut it. It doesn’t help you gain the surplus of results, but only the minimal.

Minimal results are something not looked for by you! Can’t be!

Have strategy to your commenting, and look for ways to gain more and more traffic.

I have written about a strategy here with commenting that will have you looking at insane results!

Social Media Sharing (SSS)

SSS. What that means is exactly Social Media Sharing.

I use that abbreviation for the strategy I use for social media traffic.

Social media is meant to be shared across networks and networks. Many people using social media and fail with it, don’t see this.

Share other people’s stuff, and they will share in return. Always happens like that.

But, share and notify those that you have shared. Don’t forget that. Just give them a heads up and tell them you have shared.

This way, you have opened up a communication channel and now have a way to ask others to share some of your stuff.

That is what SSS is all about!

Creating List Posts with other Articles

Creating a list post goes hand in hand with social media sharing or SSS.

Creating a list post always will get you the traffic that you are looking.

Many say this doesn’t but they have not clearly known how to use that to their advantage.

First off, create a list post with articles that other close bloggers have written.

This ensures that they are easy to contact and are willing to respond to your requests.

Add them to your post, and contact them with an email saying how you have added their article to your post.

Be courteous, and ask them in return (right in the email) to share your post on their social networks.

I would look over and see what social media site they most use, and use that social media site’s name to ask them to share on that social   media site.

Now that is how you can drive some new needed traffic back to your site.

Your turn!

Now, your turn is to use these exact methods from above to combat that disease called “no traffic”.

Traffic is very important, and the more targeted it is, the better it will convert (subscribe to your blog).

Remember that. All of these methods are very targeted, so you will not have to worry about whether the traffic is of high value.

In return, you will have that traffic that is driven by your work and the connections that will bring in the traffic some more in the near future.

What methods do you use to drive your traffic to your site?