Business owners and marketing teams spend a ton of time, money, and energy building robust websites packed with helpful information and products. Despite their best efforts, getting page views is still a struggle.

Does this situation sound familiar? Between the digital noise from other companies and a continually shrinking consumer attention span, it’s undoubtedly harder to build engagement, secure leads, and increase sales through pageviews.

As people engage with your website and read your content, they become invested in your brand, which leads to them coming back to your site multiple times. Before you can convince consumers that your site is worth their time, you have to focus on making your brand more discoverable and user-friendly.

Today, our goal is to show you 5 strategies that you can use to generate more traction on your website and increase pageviews. We will cover everything from your site’s performance to several ways to link your marketing channels together for more traffic.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Fine-Tune Performance and Navigation

The first thing you should check is the performance of your website. Your brand page could have everything a customer could need, but if it takes forever to load or doesn’t look good, you could risk losing a majority of first-time visitors.

Research shows that a 1-second delay in loading times results in a whopping 11% loss to pageviews. The shocking part is that the 11% figure grows exponentially for each second your site takes to load.

We recommend running a free speed test to see where you stand. Once you find your areas that need improvement, make gradual changes, and you can expect to see a dramatic increase in pageviews.

Another way to get more people to browse your website is to make it mobile-responsive. Over half of all consumers use their mobile phones to browse the internet. If your site looks strange or confusing on a smartphone, it may be time to redesign your page for these users.

If you can improve the way smartphone users navigate your website, there’s a good chance that they will stick around to read your content, subscribe to your email list, and possibly, buy a product.

Create Powerful Blog Content

While we are on the topic of content creation, let’s talk about your company blog. If you want to get more pageviews, you have to give users something to interact with beyond a payment form. Content is a great way to show users why your product is helpful and keep them engaged with the news from your industry.

Once you publish 24-51 blog posts, you can expect traffic to increase by 30%. Believe it or not, after publishing 51+ posts, marketers report seeing an additional 77% increase in traffic. There are several reasons for this trend. First, there’s a chance searchers are finding your content through search engines, which we will cover more in a second.

But in most cases, consumers stick around because the content they are reading is relevant to their lives. If you want people to stay on your blog and engage with your content, you have to spend some time researching your audience’s goals and pain points.

In 2021, your blog posts should focus on entertaining, educating, or ideally, both. You want visitors to see your brand as a reputable company with free, engaging content. When visitors find your content helpful, they are likely to come back to your website when they have industry-specific questions or concerns.

As you can see, creating high-quality content is pivotal for building rapport with your audience, which leads to more overall pageviews.

Look for SEO Opportunities

Next, let’s talk about how search engine optimization (SEO) can affect your pageviews. Did you know that 95% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of Google when they type in a query? In other words, if you can rank on the first page for your chosen keywords, expect to see a sharp increase in traffic and engagement.

There are several ways to improve your search ranking position. The most common way is by optimizing blog content and backend information, so Google crawlers understand your website’s intent and are more likely to show your website to users when they type in specific words or phrases.

Voice search has also grown in popularity over the last several years. More people are using smartphones and speakers than ever before. As a result, SEO experts have started adding voice search keywords to their list of targeted words and phrases.

Optimizing your website to fit what a user might say instead of type can significantly impact your pageviews. If you’re bringing in more views by improving your voice search strategy, you can improve your sales too. Surveys show that 60% of smartphone users have bought a product they found through a search engine.

Connect Your Marketing Channels

Another excellent way to get more eyes on your content is to connect your marketing channels. You can use several creative strategies to get more people to land on your website or spend more time browsing if they found your site first.

First, make sure you share blog content on social media and through email. Odds are, you have an email list and quite a few followers on social media. If you share your content through these platforms, people will click through to read what you have to say. The more relevant the content to your audience, the more views you can expect.

We also suggest adding your social media feed to your website. When a user lands on your site for the first time, they are likely curious about your company and want to see how people interact with your brand.

Imagine a skeptical customer lands on your website, only to see a jam-packed social media feed on your sidebar that shows countless interactions between your brand and customers. This seemingly small change can quickly turn a skeptic into someone that’s genuinely interested in the products and services offered on your website.

Review Feedback and Make Changes

Finally, if you want to maintain your views, we recommend reviewing your customers’ feedback and making changes. Throughout your business’s life, users will likely suggest changes to design, products, and UX.

If one or two people make a suggestion, you may want to give it some time before you make a decision. However, if you see a ton of people with similar comments on social media and email, there’s an obvious growth opportunity in front of you.

Consumers tend to offer feedback to businesses that they like. When they see that you’re serious about providing an excellent experience, as evidenced by listening to previous requests, they are more likely to come back to your website.

You wouldn’t want to keep visiting a brand page if they asked for your input but never made changes, right? But if users see that you’re making a serious attempt to listen to their feedback, they are likely to visit your site more often and give more suggestions on how you can improve their experience.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to get more traffic to your website. Today we showed you several tactics you can use for more traffic and pageviews. As your business grows, you’ll start to identify new opportunities to draw in more customers and expand your target audience.