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To be a successful entrepreneur you must relentlessly pursue goals that you never dreamed you could achieve…and make them a reality.

We all have them and they make our day harder, but they are inevitable. I’m referring to difficult clients. In the bible, even God had critics so don’t expect you and your business to be exempt.

It’s learning how to deal with these people more effectively which will make your day easier and provide you with the ability to make money off of these clients.

So, how do we make money off of clients that just seem hard to deal with and are never satisfied? It takes hard work, but it can be done. Here are some steps in the right direction:

Get It Out of Your Head That They are Difficult – People become what you expect them to become. Therefore, if you are expecting someone to always be difficult, they will come through…always. When you think someone is a pain, it comes through in your voice and actions.

In order to remedy this, rather than look at them as difficult, see your client in a more positive light by describing them as “particular” and in doing so, you can better lay down a more positive groundwork to properly service these individuals.

– Try to See Things From Their Perspective – The best way to handle the particular client is to see what they are seeing by taking some time out of your day to analyze the situation from their perspective then to ask questions and get them talking.

Seeing things from someone else’s perspective becomes all the easier when we get them to express their convictions. Ask the right questions and you should achieve just that.

– Manage Expectations From Day 1 – If a client comes to you asking for more than is humanly possible, you must do one of two things:

1. Tell them in a polite manner that x is not possible and that there is no way that you can deliver.

2. Pass up the client.

From years of doing my business, I have gained the ability to quickly determine which clients are going to require a lot of extra work as well as the ability to determine whether they are worth the time and energy. This is an exercise that I highly recommend that you implement.

Monetize Even the “Not Monetizable”

In order to profit off of difficult clients, we must have a system and be persistent. Rome was not built in a day, but it can be built a lot quicker by following the above.