For most of us, our emotions really take a beating when our hearts are aching. Sometimes it feels like the day of healing is light-years away. The difficult times we have encountered in the past can take a while to be purged from our systems.

It is certainly healthy to experience a wide range of emotions. However, it is unwise to have the negative ones consume our existence. We are better off working towards healing the hurt. In that way, we can begin to re-experience joy and happiness.

Emotional healing is possible if we work at repairing the source of the hurt. You will see, as you continue to read, that this can sometimes mean making some tough decisions.

1. Remove some of the negative influences from your life.

  • If you are really honest with yourself, you will realize something important. Some of the negative influences in our lives may very well be the people closest to us! It is going to be a challenge separating from them. But your emotional health is more important that maintaining many of those relationships.
  • Are any of your friends guilty of adding fuel to the fire?
  • Can you identify times when those closest to you have encouraged you to avoid forgiving someone who offended you?
  • You can very quickly identify people whose advice is riddled with negativity.
  • Avoid allowing the years of friendship cloud your judgment.
  • You almost guaranteed to have continued misery if you keep them in your life.

2. Accept responsibility for your actions.

  • It is often difficult to look in the mirror, right? Deep down, we know that some of our actions resulted in the hurt we feel. But it can be difficult to accept the part we played in the way events unfolded.
  • Confront your own wrongdoings.
  • Be adult enough, and courageous enough to accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Inner peace can elude you if you try to cover up the role you played. Inner turmoil can be just as unbearable as physical discomfort.
  • In the same breath, be willing to forgive yourself so you can move on to better days ahead.

3. Live according to your moral compass.

  • You likely have a set of morals to live by. And while we know they exist, we may sometimes avoid them when making decisions. Abandoning morals is the easiest way to make missteps in life.
  • Go back to your roots. Take a hard look at what really matters to you. Start to re-embrace those morals one by one.
  • Start to fix the way you approach situations. If making a decision means abandoning your moral compass, take another route.
  • Just like any other compass, our moral compass keeps us on track. It is, by far, the best way to avoid getting lost in the sea of emotional turmoil and decision-making.

4. Renew daily.

  • The road to emotional healing is long and winding. It is something that usually takes quite a bit of time to achieve. But it can be done! All you need to do is re-commit to your cause every morning when you wake up.
  • Daily renewal is the best way to turn your emotional healing into habit. When you go for days without this renewal, it is very easy to slip back into the heartache.
  • Be fair to yourself. Remember you deserve the healing.
  • At the end of each day, think on the positives, and celebrate your progress.
  • Congratulate yourself for completing one more day of healing and positive living. You will find that you rest more soundly at night.

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Achieving emotional healing is not an automatic process. It takes time, attention, and intention. Now is the time to really begin to take care of yourself. Focus on what you need and block out all of the extraneous noise around you. These tips will help you on your healing journey.

[Photo Credit: emonuli tipi via Compfight cc]